Doctor Who Invades the Multiverse: Young Justice

Continuing our posts where Doctor Who has managed to sneak its way into other fictional properties, either as a TV show in those worlds, or with concepts from the show existing as real things in those realities, we come to Young Justice, the DC Comics-based animated series.

(Daily Doctor Who #180)

Young Justice kicked off in 2010 and was about a the “Team”–a group of young heroes (mostly former sidekicks) who were training to eventually join the Justice League, the planet’s premier group of super-powered defenders. In this version, the Justice League had more than one headquarters, including one on an orbiting satellite. To travel there, the team used “Zeta Beam” technology which allowed them to teleport from different hidden facilities located around the world.

In the first season episode Insecurity, the young hero Artemis uses one of these, and it has a very familiar appearance:

Now, obviously this is just an Easter Egg, and not really an example of a TARDIS actually existing in the world of the series, nor an indication that Doctor Who is a TV show in the Young Justice universe (unless of course someone in the Justice League is a fan of Doctor Who and decided to just make a Zeta Beam device that looked like the TARDIS).

I’m thinking maybe Barry Allen.

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