Rain…? [Friday Fictioneers by Johanna McClure]

Once again, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers, which provides a weekly photograph to serve as a writing prompt to create a 100 word flash fiction story. Once again, my daughter (Johanna, 16 years old) has crafted a story.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


by Johanna McClure

My house is right on the edge of a lake. I felt so lucky when I bought it, such beautiful views! But living so near the water means I was the first to notice.

It had started raining. That, in itself, was strange–it hadn’t looked like a rain a few hours ago. Actually, it still didn’t look like rain. The sky was perfectly clear. And something else was wrong, something I couldn’t quite place. The rain was falling…oddly, incorrectly. It took me a moment before I saw it.

It wasn’t raining.

The water was going up.

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