Agent Whiskers [Friday Fictioneers by Johanna McClure]

Once again, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers, which provides a weekly photograph to serve as a writing prompt to create a 100 word flash fiction story. For the second week in a row, my daughter (Johanna, 16 years old) has crafted a story.


Agent Whiskers

by Johanna McClure

When you choose to be a spy, you forfeit all rights to your life. You must prepare to face death head on, unfaltering. Fear cannot be allowed to change your course.

Special Agent Whiskers’ mind repeated these word, a mantra, as she sat hidden in the bucket, staring down into the dark tunnel. Water poured in from overhead. Her target, Agent Charlie, was in that hole. Agent Charlie thought no feline would dare follow him into such a dreadful place. That, more than her duty to cat and country, propelled Whiskers forward, into the darkness. She would prove him wrong.


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