Doctor Who: Theme Song Youtube Videos

Just a quick one today. One of the most iconic things about Doctor Who is the opening theme song.

(Daily Doctor Who #100)

Written by Ron Grainer, and famously arranged by Delia Derbyshire, the theme has been re-mixed many times over the many years of the show. Lots of people have a favorite, but I don’t really. I kind of enjoy them all, in their different ways. Sort of like how it is with all the different Doctors.

But in addition to the “real” iterations of the theme, there are lots of other versions that people have done over the years, just for fun. Some of them I’ve shared in the past.

Here’s an acapella version performed by a comedy group called the Warp Zone….

And then here’s an interesting version being performed by an international group called Manta. They seem to be a trio that play the guitar, the cello and the didgeridoo!

And finally here’s footage of a version of the song being sung by Craig Ferguson, which was intended to be the cold open of an episode of his talk show that Matt Smith appeared on, but ended up not getting aired because of problems with the rights. Still, thanks to the internet, here it is.

Hope you enjoyed these fun little Doctor Who diversions as much as I did!

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