The Weeping Angels vs. The Handmines [Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Monster Tournament – 2.1]

Doctor Who has generated lots of frightening monsters and creatures over its many years of existence. But out of all the writers who have ever contributed to the series, no one has invented quite so many such baddies as Steven Moffat…for the simple reason that nobody else has written as many stories (although to be fair, other writers have written more episodes).

(Daily Doctor Who #87)

We are now entering Round 2 of this series, in which for no other reason but that it’s fun, we’re going to figure out which of Moffat’s many monstrous creations is the very best, according to a strict scientific process of having a few people vote on them.

The winner of each bout will be decided on a best of seven votes, according to whatever standard that they want (though in general, it’s a contest about which one is more popular or well liked, not which one would win in a fight). The judges, like last time will be Ben McClure (myself), Johanna McClure (my 16 year old daughter), Laurelle McClure (my 14 year old daughter), Joshua McDonald (my friend from college) and Jeremiah McDonald (Josh’s brother–see his website here).

You can read a bit more about each of us in the post for the first bout of this competition, here.

The last two votes will be drawn from a poll I will / have put upon Facebook. The monster which gets the most votes on that poll will be awarded two points.


The Steven Moffat Monstrous Creation Tournament – Round 2, Bout 1

(The way I am “seeding” this second round of the competition is listing all of the winners in the order of what percentage of the vote they took in their Facebook poll during round 1. If there was a tie, then I looked at who had the most actual votes. In the one case where there was still a tie I made a judgment call of which order they went in. Then I will put the top vote-getter against the lowest vote-getter, and so on. Because there were 15 winners from Round 1–an odd number–then the top winner gets a free pass this round. That would be the Vashta Narada, who got a whopping 97% of the vote.)

The contestants:

The Weeping Angels

(Introduced in Blink, from Season Three)

Percentage taken in the Facebook vote in Round 1: 96%, absolutely trouncing the Sentient Oil

Undoubtedly Steven Moffat’s most famous monster, the Weeping Angels are “the world’s oldest assassins.” They are unimaginably fast but “quantum locked”–when they are observed in any way, they freeze into stone. But as soon as you blink or they are otherwise hidden from sight, they swoop in and steal away your temporal energy. Victims of the Angels are then transported to some point back in time where they proceed to “live to death.”

The Handmines

(Introduced in The Magician’s Apprentice, from Season Nine)

Creepy hands with eyes on their palms emerged from the ground and pulled victims down to their doom during the seemingly endless war between the Kaleds and the Thals on Skaro. A young Davros was nearly killed in a field of them before being rescued by the Doctor.

Percentage taken in the Facebook vote in Round 1: 61%, narrowly beating the Sky Sharks

OK, Ready, Steady…go!

Ben’s vote:

The Weeping Angels

Sure, the Handmines are creepy. But they are a throwaway gimmick in a story that’s not really about them at all. Whereas the Weeping Angels, though perhaps a bit overplayed, are an incredible concept that are iconic and famous for a reason.

Laurelle’s vote:

The Weeping Angels

Comment: Handmines are just hands that climb out of the ground to grab you. And Weeping Angels are really cool. So I don’t think I need to give much of an explanation for that decision.

Jeremiah’s vote:

The Weeping Angels

Comments: Weeping Angels, quite easily. Moffat’s banner villain versus…well, Handmines. Which are cool and all, but they’re decorative.

Josh’s vote:

The Weeping Angels

Comments: The Handmines are a unique and visually interesting idea, but there is good reason why the Weeping Angels became NewWho’s most iconic monsters.

Johanna’s vote:

The Weeping Angels

Comments: Well, gee, what a tough decision, they are both so complex and interesting. I mean, I almost want to vote for the Handmines because otherwise they won’t get a vote, but I have to go for the Weeping Angels. The Handmines are potentially interesting but the Weeping Angles are terrifying and fascinating instruments of death.

The Facebook Poll:

The Weeping Angels (50 votes) over The Handmines (0 votes)

Comments: Wow, no votes or the Handmines. I mean, no surprise at the winner, but no votes at all.

The Winner

The Weeping Angels

I mean, obviously, right?

Next up: The Silence vs. Prisoner Zero

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