Doctor Who & Land of the Lost–Non-Existent Crossovers (Fourth Doctor)

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, with a myriad of adventures showing the Doctor and his companions traveling to endless corners of the universe.

(Daily Doctor Who #70)

But do you know where they haven’t traveled? Into my other favorite science fiction media properties, that’s where!

But what if they had? What if somehow, this had been possible? What stories would it have been cool to see the Doctor interacting with?

In this series of posts, we’re going to make some suggestions. Thirteen suggestions, in fact…one for each Doctor. The idea is to find something for each that, even if there was no real way for to have happened, was at least remotely possible from a time-frame point of view. So, no meetings between the Third Doctor and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, for example.

We started with the First Doctor, went to the Second and Third Doctors, and now we’re at the ever-popular Fourth Doctor, and yet another unexpected crashing of fictional realities…

Doctor Who


Land of the Lost

There are three different film or television iterations of Land of the Lost, but we’re going back to the beginning, when Sid & Marty Krofft’s adventure TV show was airing on Saturday mornings in America, originally from 1974 to 1976 (three seasons). The show was about park ranger Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan) and his two children, Will (Wesley Eure, although credited only as “Wesley” for some reason) and Holly (Kathy Coleman), who fell through a time portal into the mysterious “Land of the Lost”–a primitive jungle world full of dinosaurs, ancient technology, and bizarre alien humanoids. Stories focused on the Marshall’s efforts to survive and / or get home.

Amongst the beings that the Marshall’s encountered were the primate-like Pakuni, and their particular friend Cha-ka (Philip Paley). They also had regular enemies in the reptilian Sleestak, and a complex “frenemy” relationship with Eenik (Walker Edmiston), a similarly time-lost ancestor of the Sleestak.

In the third season, Rick Marshall was unexpectedly sent home (the actor was fired after a dispute regarding merchandising revenue) and was replaced by his brother, Jack (Ron Harper). The third season turned out to be the last, and the show ended with the Marshall’s ultimate fate never revealed (including no exploration for what had actually happened to Rick Marshall).

So, our story is going to take place at the end of Season 14 of Doctor Who, right after Talons of Weng-Chiang. The Doctor is Tom Baker, and his companion is Leela, the savage warrior played by Louise Jameson. If this six part serial is going to air right after Talons, that means it’s starting in April 1977, just a few months after Land of the Lost aired its last episode.

Doctor Who: Land of the Lost

Part One

The Doctor and Leela are in the TARDIS when it reacts to some bizarre turbulence in the time stream. The Doctor identifies that a strange energy is connecting three different points in space-time in a way that is threatening the stability of the time stream. The Doctor opts to travel to one of the nodes of this “Temporal Trilateral” as he calles it.

The TARDIS lands on Astrusis, a world inhabited by the reptilian humanoids the Altrusians, in the middle of a blended scientific and religious ritual which involves using psionic abilities to control specially powered crystals to which will then open so-called Dimensional Portals.

Before the Doctor can warn them, the process goes wrong, building to a dangerous overload, which causes the four intended travelers to disappear unexpectedly. Eagle-eyed viewers may recognize one of them as Enik, a recurring character on Land of the Lost, as played by Walker Edmiston.

Even after the four travelers have vanished, the reaction continues to grow out of control as part of the Temporal Trilateral that the Doctor discovered earlier. The Altrusians don’t trust the Doctor and Leela, thinking they are somehow responsible for the problem. But while Leela holds them off, the Doctor is able to shut down the Altrusian equipment, saving the planet. Now, however, the energy has latched onto the TARDIS and is going to pull it to one of the other ends of the Trilateral. The Doctor and Leela manage to get on board just in time as the TARDIS is pulled away.

The arrive on a large but run-down and overgrown estate in the English countryside, where a group of military and scientific experts have gathered for a similar experiment. The estate is actually owned by a middle-aged American woman, Ms. Anabelle Post. She permitted the experiments on her own land because of the discovery of a mysterious Pylon in the woods that she owns. The Pylon is large obelisk which is potentially of alien origin, and contains mysterious crystals within which operate some sort of strange technology. UNIT is present on site, under the direction of Major Beresford (John Acheson), with a contingent that includes the Doctor’s old friends Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) and RSM Benton (John Levene).

Scientifically, the project is being led by the experienced and respected Professor Gideon, assisted by the younger Dr. Philip Pike and Dr. Keeley Shaw (who turns out to be no relation to Liz Shaw).

The Doctor and Leela are treated with suspicion be everyone–especially Ms. Post and her hard-nosed head of estate security, Mr. Lanning–until Harry and Benton can vouch for them. Harry in particular is a bit taken aback by Leela’s savage appearance, but is quickly impressed by her curiosity and courage. The activation of the crystals in the Pylon in order to try to understand the technology is due to occur in several hours, but energy readings have been spiking alarmingly over the last day. The Doctor insists on being able to examine the site, but Ms. Post and Professor Gideon object strenuously.

Meanwhile, though, Dr. Pike disables the alarms on a security door, allowing an intruder to enter. Pike leads to intruder to the Pylon and allows him inside.

Major Beresford knows the Doctor from a previous adventure and insists to Gideon and Post that he be listened to. The Doctor is allowed to examine the Pylon. However, they find Dr. Pike keeping watch outside, and he attempts to stop everyone from entering, claiming they are tampering with forces they don’t understand. Lanning races inside the Pylon to find out out what is going on, followed by the Doctor, Leela and Dr. Shaw.

Inside, the intruder is experimenting with the Pylon’s controls. Lanning impulsively fires his gun–he misses the man but hits the Pylon controls, causing them to spark wildly. The intruder yells at him for being a fool, and we see that it is Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan), the original lead character from Land of the Lost.

The ground begins to shake and a time portal opens up inside the Pylon, transfixing Rick Marshall. The Doctor grabs him and pulls him away, but Dr. Shaw runs to the controls to try to stop the reaction. Leela tries to save her while Lanning is still trying to stop anyone from interfering, and suddenly there is a flash and Leela, Shaw and Lanning all disappear.

The three find themselves in an overgrown, chaotic jungle world (clearly, the “Land of the Lost” from the series), and are just trying to get their bearings when suddenly a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex (familiar to fans of Land of the Lost as Grumpy) roars at them from above…

Part Two

Leela tries to keep Lanning and Dr. Shaw calm in the face of the terrifying dinosaur, but Lanning panics and runs…and is killed for his efforts.

This gives Leela and Shaw a chance to find some rocks to hide behind. They cower there, trying to figure out what to do. Abruptly, Leela realizes that a small chimp-like humanoid is approaching them stealthily. She is alarmed but it acts friendly, and gestures for them to wait.

Suddenly, a young man appears from the woods distracting the dinosaur with some exploding crystals. The dinosaurs chase him and the chimp-like creature leads Leela and Keeley Shaw away to safety, where they meet up with a teenaged girl. Eventually, the young man (having lost the dinosaur) connects up with them as well and the group finds a place where they can rest and take stock.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the Doctor is alarmed at Leela’s disappearance, but races to shut down the reaction that the Pylon is having. He does so, but not before mist and smoke fill the area, and one or more of the Altrusians who were lost in the time portal arrive. Everyone is alarmed to see them, and one of them ends up attacking whoever is closest, who turns out to be poor Professor Gideon, who is killed. UNIT soldiers shoot and kill it, and start searching the estate for any others–they are certain there is at least one more.

The Doctor, Harry and the UNIT soldiers are not particularly phased to see an alien, but of course the others are. While some of them are scared, Ms. Post is deeply fascinated. Rick Marshall thinks at first that the dead Altrusian is his old and sometimes friend Enik, but then he realizes it is someone else.

It turns out that Ms. Post knows who Rick Marshall is, and has been actively keeping him away from her property and the experiments for some time. Rick learned of the presence of the Pylon and discovered that there were experiments going on, even though they were meant to be top secret. He claims to have spent a year trapped in another world that used Pylons like this one for all sorts of purposes–the so-called “Land of the Lost.”

He was accidentally forced out of it a year ago, and since then he’s been trying to find a way to help rescue his family. He’d asked for permission from Ms. Post to view the artifact on her property but she refused.

Finally, Marshall made contact with Dr. Pike, who has deep ethical and environmental concerns with the experiment, and so agreed to let him into the restricted area when Marshall promised to help him shut them down (of course, this turns out to not be Marshall’s real intention). Ms. Post wants Rick Marshall, Dr. Pike and the Doctor taken away and imprisoned, but Major Beresford and Harry intervene–with Dr. Shaw missing and Professor Gideon dead, these three are the best shot they have at understanding what is going on.

Back in the “Land of the Lost”, Leela and Keeley learn their rescuers are Will & Holly Marshall (Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman), Rick Marshall’s children.

With them is there friend Cha-Ka (Phillip Paley) who is indigenous to the land, but was separated from his tribe some time ago.

They are making their way to the Lost City–ancient ruins where the aggressive Sleestak live. They are doing this because their Uncle Jack (Rick’s brother) has been captured by the Sleestak (who are primitive, devolved, aggressive Altrusians) and they hope to rescue him. Leela and Keeley agree to help, first recovering a gun that Lanning was carrying. Will arms himself with it.

On earth, the Pylon is seriously damaged. The Doctor attempts to repair it enough to use it track where Leela has gone (presumably, to the third node of the energy channel that he detected originally). Meanwhile, he and Harry learn more from Rick Marshall, and the three piece together the fact that Annabelle Post’s family has owned this land for something like fifty years, sinking all their finances into it, leaving nothing for the maintenance of the lance. There is evidence that she’s been aware of the Pylon’s existence for much longer than she’s indicated to UNIT.

Just then, Benton and some of the UNIT soldiers capture a second Altrusian. He reveals his name as Ketpo, and he is frightened of the humans and thus aggressive, but not particularly malevolent. Rick Marshall realizes that Enik was part of his group of explorers, and recalls that Enik was trapped in the Land of the Lost when something went wrong with his time portal and trapped him in his own world’s future. As far as he knows, Enik is still there. Ketpo is alarmed to hear that this is the fate of his Altrusian people–that they are destined to lose their emotional self control and will revert to savages. Ketpo wonders after the fourth member of his group–Sitak–he could have come to earth, been taken to the Land of the Lost, or wound up anywhere.

In the Land, Leela, Will, Holly, Cha-ka and Keeley sneak into the Lost City, which Leela recognizes as the same place that she saw on Altrusis, but just massively broken down. Sneaking in, they find Jack Marshall (Ron Harper), who is injured and is waiting to be eaten by soon-to-be-hatched baby Sleetak. Leela cuts him free and they begin to make their way out, but they run into Sleestak and must run for their lives, getting split up in the process.

Leela and Holly come face to face with Sleestak, and Leela is able to down one with her dagger, but ends up falling into the Sleestak pit (where they sacrifice things for their mysterious “god” to eat lives).

Leela recovers from the fall, but stares in terror as the mysterious creature makes its way down a tunnel toward her…

Part Three

The Sleestak God is revealed to be a huge, four-legged mammal which crawls toward Leela hungrily. She uses her dagger as best she can to protect herself, but the creature advances upon her. Meanwhile, up above Holly finds a rope and ties to stone, sending it down to save Leela. It gets stuck a notch on the pit wall, however, and Holly must climb down herself to loosen it. She ends up falling, landing on the creature and inadvertently saving Leela. Holly is hurt by the fall, but Leela is able to save her in return. They cannot reach the rope to escape, but instead Leela helps Holly make their way out down through a cavern that leads away from the pit.

Meanwhile, Will and Cha-ka succeeed in getting the wounded Jack out of the Lost City. Realizing they have lost the females of their party, Will goes back inside to recuse them. He finds Keeley Shaw, hiding, and saves her from some menacing Sleestak, killing one with his gun. Will wants to keep looking for his sister, but there are too many Sleestak and he and Keeley have to make their way out again.

Meanwhile on earth, the Doctor manages to reactivate the Pylon, but finds it is dangerously unstable, and is forced to shut it down again. Concerned for its security, Major Beresford has it sealed shut, holding onto the only key. However, the last of the original Altrusian explorers, Sitak, is hiding on the estate. He learns about the lock on the Pylon, and corners Beresford when he’s alone. Sitak has a small Mageti stone (a crystal artifact which the Altrusians use for a variety of purposes, which can amplify psionic signals). He uses it to plant Beresford’s greatest fear into his mind, weakening him so Sitak can kill him and take his key.

In the Land of the Lost, Holly and Leela find their way to a chamber that Holly has never been to before, one that contains the largest crystal she has ever seen…and it’s glowing! They find Enik there, examining it. He and the Sleestak have only just discovered it in the last few days, since it started emitting familiar Altrusian energy. The Sleestak are demanding he unlock its secrets, but Enik is not sure that he can–it was obviously built by his people or a significant purpose, but he doesn’t know what it was. Just then the Sleestak leader (Jon Locke) appears, wanting to know Enik’s progress. He hides Holly and Leela and manages to get the Sleestak Leader to leave.

Meanwhile outside, Will, Jack, Cha-ka and Keeley have all gone back to their home in the Lost Temple, to wait out the night, deciding that in the day they will look again for Holly or seek Enik for help. While Jack and Cha-ka sleep, Will laments his failure to keep his sister safe, but Keeley tries to lift his spirits. Will opens up and talks about the tremendous difficulty of living in the Land all this time–it is evident that he and Keeley are attracted to one another.

On earth, Harry has been investigating Annabelle Post and discovers that her great grandfather was an explorer and showman named Roscoe Post who claims to have accidentally entered the Land of the Lost via hot air balloon He had tried to kidnap one of the indigenous people there (Cha-ka) in order to put him on display back on earth, but was thwarted by the Marshall family, led by Jack Marshall, and came home empty-handed. Still, he managed to become successful and eventually his descendants located the Pylon.

Annabelle Post has all her life dreamt of finding a way back to the land in order to plum its riches. Over the years, she has gathered other reports from people who claim to have returned successfully from the Land, and built up quite a wealth of information about the treasures it contains.

The conversation is interrupted by the discover of the death of Major Beresford. Sitak uses his stolen key to get to the Pylon and activate it, opening up another dimensional doorway through which he is able to escape. The doorway attempts to close, but it can’t do so fully as the machinery in the Pylon is damaged again.

Sitak is transported to the Land of the Lost, in a cave not far from Enik. The large crystal reacts violently, so Enik knows something has happened. He finds Sitak, who returns with him to the cavern containing the crystal, as well as Leela and Holly.

Sitak threatens the humans, but Enik intervenes. At first Enik assumes that he is there to rescue him. Sitak tells him that is not the case, but he is sure that between the two of them they will find a way to make this crystal work, so they can return home and prevent their world from devolving into the Land of the Lost.

Back on earth, dangerous energy spits from within the Pylon, threatening everyone. The Doctor attempts to shut it down, but finds himself caught in the grip of the energy and is being electrocuted…

Part Four

Harry and Dr. Pike are able to save the Doctor, pulling him to safety. The Doctor is able to bring the the energy spill down to a manageable level, at least for the moment. He realizes he can use the TARDIS to track this energy back to its source, which should bring him to the third node of the energy channel–presumably in the Land of the Lost.

Harry wants to go with him but with Beresford dead he must take charge. Anabelle Post and Rick Marshall both insist on going, and the Doctor decides to take Ketpo with them as well. RSM Benton also goes to keep an eye on Ketpo, who is kept restrained. Rick brings some supplies, including survival gear and a flare gun.

The party leaves in the TARDIS, and Rick and Annabelle are both amazed at the sight of the TARDIS interior, while Ketpo says it reminds him somewhat of the Altrusian Pylons, though far more advanced. Once in flight, the Doctor is able to seal off the energy, making the Estate safe again. The flight will take several minutes, so Rick Marshall uses the opportunity to confront Annabelle about the fact that she was apparently aware of the Marshall’s being trapped in the Land of the Lost before they ever went there. However, he is forced to admit that if he’d been warned in advance then he may not have believed it.

This brings up a conversation amongst the group about whether it would have been possible to change history–the Doctor says it is, but it is a delicate matter because of all the paradoxes involved. He clarifies that if the Marshall’s had managed to avoid going to the Land due to foreknowledge, they would not have been there for Roscoe Post to meet and thus provide the foreknowledge. Ketpo expresses his deep desire to find a way to warn his own people of the disaster that awaits them, so that they can avoid it.

Back in the Land, it is morning, and Will and Keeley go to find Enik for help, while Cha-ka goes to look for food. Jack is still injured and must remain in the Lost Temple. Will and Keeley must slip past Torchy (a fire-breathing dinosaur Will is familiar with), but eventually sneak toward the Lost City.

They encounter Leela, who is scouting the area. They must navigate around some noxious flammable oil that has recently begun to seep up from the ground in this area. Suddenly Big Alice (the allosaurus that lives in the Lost City) shows up, and the group must hide until it is safe to move. Leela then brings them back to the cavern with the Crystal, where they see Enik, meet Sitak and are reunited with Holly.

However, Enik and Sitak are disagreeing about what to do with the crystal. Sitak insists upon using it to create a dimensional doorway so they can return to their own time, and warn the Altrusians of the dangers they face. But Enik believes this is dangerous–the crystal was obviously set up by their people for a specific purpose, and they need to understand that purpose before they tamper with it. Furthermore, there are some carvings accompanying the crystal which may provide information that they need, but they are worn out and hard to decipher.

Enik confesses to Will and Holly that he is concerned about Sitak–even before they were involved in the Dimensional Doorway experiments, he was always someone amongst their people with more radical and aggressive views.

The TARDIS arrives in the Land of the Lost, with its materialization witnessed by Cha-ka, who hides in fear. The Doctor and Rick tell everyone else to stay in side while they have a quick look around. Just then, Torchy comes by and Rick and the Doctor must split up.

Inside the TARDIS, Annabelle has seen the astonishing reality of the Land of the Lost on the TARDIS viewscreen. She finds a moment to speak to Ketpo quietly and stirs up his fear and paranoia–she insists that the Doctor and UNIT will never let him travel back and warn his people of the disaster they face, so he will have to do something about it himself. She surreptitiously loosens his bonds.

The Doctor makes it back to the TARDIS, but Cha-ka sees Rick and pulls him to his hiding place. They two are amazed to see each other. Cha-ka says he can bring Rick to his family.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor, Benton and Annabelle debate what to do. Torchy seems to have wandered off, but before they can agree on a strategy Annabelle suddenly races out of the TARDIS. The Doctor and Benton are able to follow when Ketpo, released from his bonds, angrily attacks the Doctor, strangling him…

Part Five

Benton is able to help the Doctor, and together the two of them overpower Ketpo, who flees into the jungle. The Doctor tells Benton to wait in the TARDIS (in case Rick or any of the others returns) while he tries to learn what is going on.

In the cavern with the crystal, Sitak has become impatient with all the debate and inaction. He activates an alarm which will call the Sleetak leader back to them. As everyone tries to figure out what to do, Sitak dislodges the Crystal and steals it. Enik attempts to stop him but Sitak says he won’t allow Enik’s fears stop him or doom their people. Enik is wounded in the conflict and Sitak escapes. The Sleestak arrive, realizing that Enik has betrayed them in some way and alarmed by the humans, and attack. Will (with is gun) and Leela (with her knife) defend the group before they all retreat.

Sitak finds Ketpo and enlists his help in using the crystal to activate a Pylon’s dimensional doorway. Ketpo agrees they must try to help their people, but expresses doubts as to whether they can just “undo” the events that led to the Altrusians devolving into the Sleestak.

Cha-ka takes Rick to the Marshall’s new home in Lost Temple–warning him about the noxious oil along the way–where he is thrilled to find Rick’s brother Jack, but also shocked to find Annabelle Post holding him at bay with a gun. She has come to this place in order to get Jack to reveal information on the Skull of Wisdom, a Altrusian artifact whose existence Annabelle has discovered. Jack tells Rick that the Skull seems to be alive in some fashion, and they’ve also seen its ability to amplify psionic power, similar to the crystals. Annabelle plans on bringing it back to earth for her own benefit. Her family has given everything to find the Land of the Lost–now it’s time to get something back. Reluctantly, Jack and Rick begin to share what they know.

In this conversation, it’s revealed that Annabelle has been attempting experiments with the Pylon long beore she got UNIT involved, and only contacted UNIT when her own efforts did not bear fruit. It’s implied that it was her experiments which caused some of the random connections earth has had with the Land of the Lost–possibly even Rick’s original journey there.

The Doctor finds Leela and her party, including the badly wounded Enik. They warn him of Sitak’s rash action. The Doctor is alarmed at the idea of such a large and powerful Crystal in Sitak’s hands. The Doctor feels he must examine the carvings that were in the Crystal’s chamber, and so Leela agrees to take him there even though she have just escaped from that location.

Will, meanwhile, will try to bring the group to their sanctuary at the Lost Temple. (In the busyness of this encounter, the Doctor never reveals Rick’s presence to the children).

Will, Keeley, Holly and Enik attempt to get out of the Lost City, but find Big Alice in their way. They hide behind some ruins, waiting for an opportunity.

After Annabelle has found out everything she wants to know, she reveals that she intends to kill Jack Marshall, blaming him for her great grandfather’s misfortunes when he was forced to leave the Land without any evidence of being there (ie, Cha-ka). Jack insists that that is a misrepresentation of what happened, but Annabelle doesn’t care. Before she can fire, Cha-ka intervenes and takes the bullet.

Rick attacks Annabelle but she escapes.

The Doctor and Leela return to the Crystal chamber, finding the Sleestak have moved on from there. As the Doctor looks at the carvings, Leela wonders how an Altrusian Pylon found its way to earth–the Doctor says the early Altrusians traveled to many. place. Suddenly, there is a massive earthquake! This turns out to be caused by Ketpo and Enik attempting to use the crystal in conjunction with a Pylon to open a Dimensional Portal to their past. Ketpo insists they shut it down.

The earthquake has split the ground, causing more of the noxious oil to be revealed. It has also revealed Will, Holly and the others to Big Alice.

They retreat in fear, but are cornered with no place to run. Big Alice angrily approaches them…

Part Six

Rick emerges, alerted by all the commotion, arrives at the part of the Lost City where Will and the others are threatened. He goads Big Alice into chasing him, leading the dinosaur into one of the noxious tar pits. Then he fires his flare gun, lighting the tar and the dinosaur on fire. Still flaming, Big Alice runs into the jungle.

Will, Holly, Keeley and Enik emerge from their hiding space, and there is a tearful and joyful reunion between father and children. However, the news is not all good–Cha-ka, Rick reveals, has been shot.

The Doctor and Leela join them, as do some dazed and confused looking Sleestak. Will is about to attack them, but Rick stops them–these guys are suffering just as much as anyone because of this earthquake. The Doctor warns them that it is going to get worse if they can’t stop Sitak from his mad attempts to breach the dimensional barriers. The Doctor has deciphered the carvings that he saw, and needs to know where a particular Pylon is in order to stop Sitak. Rick and Enik decide to show the Doctor and Leela where to go, while the others will head to their home where Jack and Cha-ka are.

Annabelle meanwhile, following the information she received, sneaks into the Lost City and fins the Cavern of Skulls and the Skull of Wisdom.

The Sleestak Leader finds her and attempts to stop her, but she shoots and kills him. She takes the Skull.

Will, Keeley and Holly arrive back at the Lost Temple and find the largely recovering Jack tending to a badly injured Cha-ka.

Keeley has some medical knowledge so she sets about attempting to help him. Holly and Will debate about whether to stay or go and help their dad. Keeley needs Will’s help, and Will is reluctant to let Holly go alone, but she insists she is not a child anymore and will be okay. Holly leaves to find her father.

The Doctor, Leela, Enik and Rick confront Sitak and Ketpo at the Pylon. The Doctor says Sitak cannot return to warn his people with the Crystal because that it is not what it was designed for, and because the paradox is too great–if Sitak uses the crystal to change the Land’s destiny, then the Crystal may never be built in the first place. Sitak uses his abilities to put his enemy’s greatest fears in their minds, but Enik overcomes this and disabled the Pylon, making it impossible for Sitak to use it. Enraged, Sitak attacks Enik, and then vows to return to earth and reopen the energy channel that brought them to earth in the first place. The earth may be destroyed, but at least Sitak could return and warn his people.

Holly appears at this moment and distracts Sitak long for Ketpo, who has realized that Sitak is dangerously insane, to fight back against him. Leela helps him, but Sitak escapes. However, Grumpy the dinosaur has been attracted by all the activity, and kills and eats Sitak.

The Doctor and the others escape, with the Crystal, but Enik succumbs to his wounds and dies, after briefly saying farewell to Rick and Holly.

Back at the Temple, Keeley has succeeded in saving Cha-ka’s life. Will and Jack are incredibly grateful. Will and Keeley step outside to speak together, and share a kiss.

The Doctor examines the Crystal and realizes that it is incomplete–it is a missing a component. With the others, they deduce that the missing component is the Skull of Wisdom! Rick tells them that is what Annabelle was after.

Will and Keeley are outside looking for Holly and the others, and talking about their next steps together, when they are ambushed by Annabelle.

She uses the Skull of Wisdom to attempt to dominate their minds. Will is able to help Keeley escape but he is captured, and made to march with her back to the TARDIS. Keeley finds the Doctor and tells him what has happened.

At the TARDIS, she speaks to Benton over the scanner, and threatens to kill Will if he does not let her into the TARDIS.

Just then, Leela arrives, having outraced everyone to the TARDIS. She tries to attack Annabelle, but is held back by the Skull. Benton joins in the fight as well. This all frees up Will, and together the three travelers are able to keep her at bay until the Doctor and the others arrive. The power of the Skull of Wisdom is turned against her, and she is defeated.

Back in the Crystal cavern, the Doctor reassembles the Skull with the crystal, and replaces it back on its pedestal, while Ketpo and the others watch. The Doctor activates it, and the ground begins to shift, revealing a vast underground cavern with thousands and thousands of sleeping pods. The group realizes that these are Altrusians. They were warned of the future doom that was coming, which wasn’t just their own loss of emotional control, but also a devastating external disaster that was triggered by the energy released by their own Dimensional Portal experiments. They could not avoid this disaster, but they prepared for it.

The Doctor takes Ketpo home in the TARDIS, dropping him off on his world, shortly after he originally disappeared, with a mission to warn his people of the disaster that is to come.

Back in the future, the Keeley, Rick and Will start activating the sleeping pods, and Ketpo emerges from the first one, having led his people in this effort.

The TARDIS returns, as the ancient Altrusians are emerging from their sleep, even “adopting” the surviving Sleestak. Ketpo thanks the Doctor for his help, before he leaves in the TARDIS with the humans and Cha-ka.

The Doctor then brings Cha-ka to another part of the Land where the rest of his Paku tribe lives (he was separated from them some time ago). Cha-ka is amazed to see his own people again. He says a tearful goodye to Holly, Will, Jack and Rick and then joins his people.

The Doctor then brings everyone else back to earth, where Harry and Dr. Pike are waiting. Annabelle Post is taken into custody. Harry congratulates Rick for saving his family, and Rick thanks the Doctor and Leela for all that they did. The Doctor gives Harry and Pike some instructions for permanently dismantling the Pylon, and then departs with a smile, leaving an amazed and grateful family behind.

Cue the Doctor Who Theme music!

And that’s the story. Phew–I have a hard time keeping these things short. And I see that this is the second time in a row I’ve used this process to craft a new conclusion to another show. That will definitely happen again as we keep going.

Next up: The Fifth Doctor and one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time

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