Doctor Who & Star Trek–Non-Existent Crossovers (Second Doctor)

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, with a myriad of adventures showing the Doctor and his companions traveling to endless corners of the universe.

(Daily Doctor Who #57)

But do you know where they haven’t traveled? Into my other favorite science fiction media properties, that’s where!

But what if they had? What if somehow, this had been possible? What stories would it have been cool to see the Doctor interacting with?

In this series of posts, we’re going to make some suggestions. Thirteen suggestions, in fact…one for each Doctor. The idea is to find something for each that, even if there was no real way for to have happened, was at least remotely possible from a time-frame point of view. So, no meetings between the Third Doctor and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, for example.

We started with the First Doctor, crossing over with the original Lost in Space TV series. Now we continue with the next fictional crossover idea…the meeting between

Doctor Who


Star Trek

That’s “The Original Series” to you.

Star Trek original run on TV kicked on September 8, 1966 with The Man Trap and ended on June 3, 1969 with Turnabout Intruder. Patrick Troughton’s era as the Second Doctor started on November 5, 1966, and concluded on June 21, 1969, with the end of The War Games. So, the two runs are almost completely parallel with each other–it was a bit of a no-brainer that in my little fantasy head canon world, these two properties should cross over with each other.

Star Trek, in case someone somehow doesn’t know this already, was created by Gene Roddenberry and featured the voyages of the futuristic Starship Enterprise, which went on missions of diplomacy, exploration and security for Starfleet Command on the behalf of the semi-utopian United Federation of Planets.

It starred William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as the half-alien science officer Mr. Spock, DeForest Kelley as chief medical officer Dr. McCoy, and James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig as other key members of the crew.

Whereas the first crossover worked best as a four part Doctor Who serial which guest starred the Lost in Space cast appearing as guest stars, this time around we’re going to make the crossover an episode of Star Trek. The Second Doctor will be the guest star this time around, along with his companions Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Victoria (Deborah Watling), who are my favorite Second Doctor companion combination, and which makes this an episode during Star Trek‘s second season.


The episode begins as the Enterprise responds to a distress call from the Starfleet science vessel called the Newman, but when they arrive, they find the ship damaged and drifting. They get a quick communication from a couple of officers from the other ship, who sound like they are in a battle for their lives on board the ship. They purposely force the Newman to crash on a nearby uninhabited world.

Space, the Final Frontier! These are the voyages…”

Opening credits and episode title:

The Lepton Incursion

Kirk and a team beam down to investigate, finding everyone dead, but the ship full of unusual (and unrecognizable) energy readings. In the midst of this, suddenly a strange mechanical wheezing sound fills the air. Investigating, the crew find an anachronistic blue cabinet (the TARDIS, obviously) which doesn’t appear to have been there before. Emerging from within are three people–two youths named Jamie and Victoria, and a slightly clown-ish older man who calls himself the Doctor.

Kirk is obviously highly suspicious of the Doctor and his friends, even though they claim to be travelers whose own ship was strangely drawn to this location. Still, his main priority is understanding what has happened to the Newman‘s crew. The ships logs show they had picked up some mysterious minerals that were emanating some sort of strange radiation. These minerals are still present in the wreckage of the Newman, and the Doctor seems strangely disturbed by them.

The world they are on is subject to severe flash storms, and when one of them causes some of the wreckage to shift, Victoria is moderately injured. Jamie accompanies her back to the Enterprise while the Doctor carries on his investigations. On board, Jamie and Victoria get to know some of the other crew. Ensign Chekov is potentially quite attracted to Victoria, until he finds out how young she is and also he comes face to face with a very protective Jamie. Later, Jamie and Chief Engineer Scott bond over their shared Scottish heritage. Scotty is surprised to realize that Jamie apparently from several hundred years in the past!

Back on the planet, the strange minerals suddenly pulse and release a small cloud of energy, which attacks and apparently kills a security guard, Kimmey. Shortly after, the storms become much more severe, and the crew must abandon the investigation. The Doctor is reluctantly to leave and to stop investigating the minderals, and definitely doesn’t want to abandon the TARDIS, but he has no choice when both he and Kirk are knocked unconscious in the chaos and Spock has everyone brought up to the Enterprise for his own safety.

Because of all this, nobody realizes it when Kimmey comes back to life, lurching around lines of a mindless zombie. However, he obviously has an agenda, for he takes some of the mineral and manages to secretly beam on board the Enterprise. Once on board, Kimmey finds a phaser and shoots the mineral, causing it to explode (damaging the phaser) and release three more “energy blobs” which roam the ship and each kill another crew member before disappearing.

Like Kimmey, each crew member is “taken over” by this energy. The Enterprise crew become aware of this situation, and are met with violence when Chekov try to confront one of them. The new enemies are stronger and more impervious to pain or damage than normal people and Chekov is injured.

Chekov arrives in Sickbay just as the Doctor is recovering. Kirk is taking longer, and the Doctor orders Victoria to wait in Sickbay until things are dealt with. The Doctor and Spock realize the mineral is on board somehow, and go to find it. They see one of the energy people using another phaser an another portion of mineral, and only narrowly escape being killed by the energy themselves.

The Doctor realizes that each “energy blob” is actually an alien life form. When the mineral is hit with certain levels of energy, it’s causing a breech in the time vortex which is allowing these creatures from the ancient past to manifest in the present day, where they kill a person in order to have a corporeal body in which to function. He and Spock get to the Bridge, where Sulu has had the Conn.

The “infection” is spreading, and more crew members falling victim to the energy. Kirk, now recovered, realizes that they are pinned down in Sickbay. He activates a lockdown protocol which isolates different parts of the ship in an attempt to slow down the aliens’ spread. This leaves Spock, Sulu, Uhura and the Doctor on the Bridge, while Jamie and Scotty are in Engineering, and Kirk, McCoy, Chekov and Victoria are all in Sickbay.

The Doctor figures out a way to modify an energy scan so that it will send a counter-pulse throughout the ship, which causes problems with power relays all over the ship, but also temporarily deactivate all hand phasers, thus preventing the “infection” from spreading further. At this point, the energy aliens begin to communicate. They announce themselves as the Leptons, and tell Kirk they are from the distant past, and for eons they have searched for a way through the time vortex so they could give their dying race a new chance at life. Kirk tries to reason with them, but they consider the universe to be their birthright, and that their survival is worth the cost to any “lesser” species.

The twenty or so Leptons (each representing a dead crew member), begin to converge on Engineering. Spock realizes that since the aliens no longer have access to phasers, they will use the ship’s warp engines to bombard the mineral with all the energy they need to release countless of their kind. The Doctor knows that this will just be the beginning of their invasion–eventually, they will find ways to let so many of their kind through the vortex that they will overwhelm all of the Federation!

The Leptons start attacking Engineering, but Scotty has sealed it off. Scotty and Jamie and a few others are trapped inside, while the Leptons furiously attempt to break in. They also manage to cut off communications within the ship, so no one can speak to Engineering. However, Uhura does manage to get a signal through to Sickbay, and the Doctor and Spock are able to share the fact that he has an idea for how the Warp engines could be used to trap the Leptons, rather than free them. Kirk realizes that though they cannot reach Engineering, they can get to the Transporter Room and potentially beam there. McCoy must stay with other injured patients, but Kirk, Chekov and Victoria all make their way to the transporter room, having to overcome a few other Leptons who are patrolling the area.

Fighting their way into the Transporter Room, they find there is power for just one use. Kirk has Chekov beam him to Engineering. He and Victoria are then left to find a place to hide together.

In Engineering, the Leptons are almost through. Kirk tells Scotty about the Doctor’s idea of using the warp engines to create a static warp bubble which could be used to trap the Leptons. Scotty gets to work on it, but the Leptons break through. Kirk and Jamie are let to stand together, fighting them off. Facing this resistance, the Lepton leader (the one that had killed Kimmey in the first place) calls all the others to gather in Engineering to help. However, this opens them up to the possibility of attack from behind. The Doctor and Sulu leave the Bridge, making their way to Engineering, meeting up with Chekov and Victoria along the way.

In Engineering, the Enterprise crew are very welcome reinforcements for Kirk and Jamie, and the Doctor joins Scotty in creating the static warp bubble. Together, they do it, and the Leptons disappear into another dimension!

After it’s all over, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria prepare to say goodbye. Speaking to Kirk, the Doctor says that the universe is full of much beauty and wonder, but also the most terrible things. And it seems they each have their mission to fight those terrible things, each in their own way.

Down on the planet, the storms have temporarily cleared. Spock, Scotty and Chekov beam down with the Doctor and his friends, where they find the TARDIS. Jamie and Scotty shake hands, and to Jamie’s chagrin Victoria kisses Chekov on the cheek. And the time traveler’s leave.

Afterwards, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty all discuss the situation. Of course, they’ve known time travel is possible for some time now, but they hadn’t ever met anyone who seemed so comfortable with the idea before. Still, they agree there are challenges enough for them all in the present day, without looking more from the past or the future.

And…cue closing theme music from Alexander Courage!

Next up: The Third Doctor and one of the most iconic & surreal shows of the era!

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who & Star Trek–Non-Existent Crossovers (Second Doctor)

  1. This is one of the most impressive crossovers between Doctor Who and Star Trek that I have found online over the years. Thank you. ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿป

  2. That’s very generous! Thank you! I’m working now on a similar summary for the Sixth Doctor with Blake’s 7, but I’m having a harder time “cracking it”

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