Doctor Who – Classic & Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (Final Round)

Lately, I’ve done a couple of posts about regular and starring actors from Doctor Who–both the classic and the modern series–whom I’ve seen in other roles. We’ve been working our way down to the point where we’d find out which of these actors I’ve seen in the most things.

(Daily Doctor Who #35)

Not just where I can name other things not Doctor Who-related that these actors have appeared in, but instances where I’ve actually seen the movie or show that we’re talking about.

(To be clear, we will not be counting as “non-Doctor Who” roles things like Doctor Who spinoffs, celebration episodes, Big Finish audios, Bill Bagg’s unlicensed “sort of like Doctor Who” videos from the 1990’s (like The Stranger, The Airzone Solution, and so on), or anything of that sort.)

After going through both the original and revived series over numerous rounds, we finally got ourselves down to just three actors…two from Classic-Who, and one from Modern-Who.

The Finalists…

William Russell

Russell played Ian Chesterton, one of the original members of the cast, for the first two years of the show or so.

Peter Davison

Davison was the Fifth Doctor for seasons 19, 20 & most of 21 in the original show. He also came back briefly for a mini-episode during the modern years.

Christopher Eccleston

Eccleston played the Ninth Doctor, who was the first one to appear in the modern series. He only did it for a year, but by virtue of being the first he is very well remembered.

But only one of them could be the winner..the regular Doctor Who cast member that I have seen in the most other roles.

Well, that’s not exactly true. They could all tie, I suppose. And briefly, that’s what I thought had happened. Then I remembered on other show that I saw one of these three actors in, which put them over the top.

Who was it?

William Russell

Russell appeared as Reverend Wilfred Bohun in an episode of Father Brown, from 1974, a man who semi-accidentally killed his womanizing brother by throwing a hammer at him from on top of a church (the mystery being based on the fact that otherwise, the weapon is too small to have delivered a killing blow devastating enough to have caused the necessary damage.

Starring Kenneth More, this was from a series of adaptations of G.K. Chesterton’s detective character which seemed to be in general more faithful to the original stories than the more recent and popular program is. This is based on one of the earliest tales, The Hammer of God, which set the tone for Father Brown by having him convince the murderer to repent and turn himself in.

Anyway, on the basis of this appearance, as well as the others that I’ve listed (from The Great Escape, The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Poirot, Superman the Movie and Robin Hood) William Russell is the regular actor from Doctor Who–classic or modern–that I have seen in the most roles outside of the show. (Maybe I also saw him in an episode of Blackadder, but I can’t be sure about that).

Congratulations to Mr. Russell, and through him, congratulations to the entire Classic Series for winning the day.

Of course, with how Karen Gillan’s career is going, it feels like it’s just a matter of time before she outpaces everybody else. We will see.

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