Doctor Who – More Classic & Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 5)

Lately, I’ve done a couple of posts about regular and starring actors from Doctor Who–both the classic and the modern series–whom I’ve seen in other roles.

(Daily Doctor Who #34)

Not just where I can name other things not Doctor Who-related that these actors have appeared in, but instances where I’ve actually seen the movie or show that we’re talking about.

(To be clear, we will not be counting as “non-Doctor Who” roles things like Doctor Who spinoffs, celebration episodes, Big Finish audios, Bill Bagg’s unlicensed “sort of like Doctor Who” videos from the 1990’s (like The Stranger, The Airzone Solution, and so on), or anything of that sort.)

I went through the regulars from both the original and revived series and found to my surprise that for each there were 21 regular actors for whom I could name at least one other role that I’d seen them in. That got me thinking I should see which actor would “win” by having the most roles that I’d seen them in, and that I should do this by whittling them down, one role at a time. When we finished Round 4, we’d gotten it down to 3 actors from each series.

Let’s see what happens with a Round 5!

The Classic Series

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) – As Russel Enoch (his real name is William Russell Enoch), he played the Duke of Gloucester in an episode of Robin Hood, starring Jason Connery.

Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor) – He played DC Davies in The Last Detective, which I’ve seen a bit.

Down to two actors, after losing Jon Pertwee!

The Modern Series

Christopher Eccleston (The Ninth Doctor) – I didn’t see all of The Others, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the bit that he was in.

Wow…that’s it! We just lost both Karen Gillan and Catherine Tate!

So now we’re down to just three actors…

Who will win?

We will see…next time!

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