Doctor Who – More Classic & Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 3)

Lately, I’ve done a couple of posts about regular and starring actors from Doctor Who–both the classic and the modern series–whom I’ve seen in other roles.

(Daily Doctor Who #28)

Not just where I can name other things not Doctor Who-related that these actors have appeared in, but instances where I’ve actually seen the movie or show that we’re talking about.

(To be clear, we will not be counting as “non-Doctor Who” roles things like Doctor Who spinoffs, celebration episodes, Big Finish audios, Bill Bagg’s unlicensed “sort of like Doctor Who” videos from the 1990’s (like The Stranger, The Airzone Solution, and so on), or anything of that sort.)

I went through the regulars from both the original and revived series and found to my surprise that for each there were 21 regular actors for whom I could name at least one other role that I’d seen them in. That got me thinking I should see which actor would “win” by having the most roles that I’d seen them in, and that I should do this by whittling them down, one role at a time. So I did another round and I found that there were 9 actors from the classic series and 11 from the revived series who had lasted to round 2.

Let’s see what happens with a Round 3!

The Classic Series

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) – Russell played a butler, I think, in an episode of Poirot called After the Funeral, back in 2006.

Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) – Pertwee starred in one segment of the horror anthology The House That Dripped Blood, which I’ve seen at least part of. I can’t remember if I saw his whole bit, but I know I’ve seen at least some of it.

Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor) – Tom Baker guest starred in an episode of Blackadder which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen, as a “wayward sea captain with a poor sense of direction” (Baker’s own words, roughly, at a convention that I saw him around the time).

Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor) – Peter Davison once guest starred as a British guy in an episode of Magnum PI.

Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor) – I saw at least a good portion of Beyond Fear, which was a creepy drama based on a true story in which McCoy played a guy who kidnapped, raped, and held prisoner a woman for days.

So…that’s just five actors from classic Doctor Who left, after we eliminated Patrick Troughton (I’ve never watched The Omen significantly enough to count it), Caroline John, Anthony Ainley and Sophie Aldred.

The Modern Series

Eric Roberts (The Master) – Roberts apparently was in half a dozen or so episodes from Season 1 of Heroes. I’ve seen that whole year, which means I’ve seen Roberts’ appearances, even if I don’t remember him specifically.

Christopher Eccleston (The Ninth Doctor) – Well, since we are talking about Heroes, we may as well just cover Eccleston’s appearance in five Season 1 episodes as a guy who could turn invisible.

David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) – I was wondering what else I’d seen him in when I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t yet mentioned Broadchurch, the acclaimed mystery drama. He starred in three seasons of the show, I believe, but I’ve only seen the first one.

Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) – I’ve just realized that she had a small role in one episode of Bleak House, the miniseries from 2005 which I’ve seen at some point.

Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor) – He co-starred in a couple of those Sally Lockhart movies with Billie Piper, which I’ve seen at least one of.

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) – Karen had a small part in the odd historical comedic drama The Big Short as a women who works for the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Alex Kingston (River Song) – She appeared in a number of episodes of Arrow as Sara and Laurel Lance’s mother.

Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) – Um…I’ve seen some portion of Me Before You, and it happened to be one of the portions she was in.

So that’s still 8 actors in it for Modern Who, after we lose Paul McGann, Arthur Darvill and Matt Lucas, putting the Modern series 3 ahead of the Classic. Though it’s confused slightly by the fact that Eric Roberts, counting for the Modern series, actually starred in the 1996 TV movie which isn’t strictly speaking a part of either era. How will this dark horse third party candidate upset the results going forward?

Tune into Round 4 to find out!

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