Daily Doctor Who

Well, we’re finally past Doctor Who’s birthday.

I’ve spent the last 47 days doing quick blog posts, in conjunction with my daughters, leading up to this occasion–the 23rd of November–the 57th anniversary of the airing of the series’ premier episode, An Unearthly Child.

As I’ve done that, I’ve been thinking of a bunch of other things I’d like to say about Doctor Who (still my favorite show, as much as I enjoy The West Wing, Community, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica). And I’ve enjoyed having the steady stream of Doctor Who-related thoughts

So with that in mind, I’m going to continue with Daily Doctor Who…for the entire year!

Well, maybe. We’ll see about that. But we’re going to have a go! But will I have time?

I’ve got lots of ideas. Like continuing on with my reviews and comments about classic Doctor Who‘s as a I get around to seeing them again. I want to look at some of my silly Doctor Who merchandis. And pretty soon we’re going to do a Tournament between the monstrous creations of Steven Moffat. What will win? The Weeping Angels? The Silence? Or…the Hand Mines? We will see!

Did you know that today, November 24, is the 31st anniversary of the original airing of Nightmare of Eden part 1?

That was halfway through Season 17, which I generally consider to be Tom Baker’s worst year as the Doctor, in spite of including the masterpiece that is City of Death. Other than City of Death, most of the year seemed pretty bad, but I’d say that Nightmare of Eden is the story that I was next most interested in–although I know I never saw the whole thing. I was watching on my local PBS station in New York when I saw it, and it aired with a different episode each week day, so I rarely saw an entire story. I know it dealt with the idea of smuggling monsters that somehow turned into illegal drugs? Am I making that up? Anyway, I thought was interesting, and though it’s been years, I have the impression that it was less silly than some of the others of the season. Am I remembering correctly?

Either way, it seems that this is the only episode in the history of the show which debuted on November 24th. I’d watch it again except that it’s among the roughly 83% of the classic series that I don’t currently have easy access to.


Anyway, we’ll leave that there for now.

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