Doctor Who: Looking Back at 47 Days #44 – Far Out Images

A few years ago, I did a series of 47 daily posts which all looked at different questions related to the revival series of Doctor Who, focusing on stuff I like about the show. I worked out a series of questions in advance and then picked one randomly for each day. I’ve decided to revisit the series to see how my opinions may or may not have changed, and to bring two of my daughters into the discussion, since they are both big fans and have recently finished watching the revival series.

Why 47?  It’s my favorite number.

Why Doctor Who?  It’s my favorite show.

Why the modern day Doctor Who only?  Simply because I remember it better.

Why are we looking back at this now? Because we’re on a 47 day countdown to November 23, the birthday of the show.

Check out Day #43 here.

When I first did this, it was September 2016, which means we were in between the Christmas episodes The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Dr. Mysterio, and were yet to debut Peter Capaldi’s last season on the show. Jodie Whittaker was even further away. How has the passage of time, evolution of opinions, and three further seasons of the program impacted my opinions?

Today is Day #44, and our theme is…

Most Far Out Image

One of the biggest advantages of the modern Doctor Who is the crazy, imaginative images that a decent special effects budget affords us.

Last time, I picked the shot of the Orient Express…flying through space! That’s from Mummy on the Orient Express. It’s still one of my favorites.

But there’s another favorite of mine which I’ll pick this time…

Amy Pond floating in space in The Beast Below

Right near the beginning of the 11th Doctor / Amy Pond era of the show (in their second episode), the Doctor (Matt Smith) basically shows off to Amy (Karen Gillan) by allowing her to float outside the TARDIS, while he just holds onto her foot. It was a great moment written by Steven Moffat and directed by Andrew Gunn, which kicked off an otherwise “pretty good” episode, but which helped set the tone for the season.

The episode also featured an image of the UK reimagined as a starship, on the back of a giant space whale. So pretty crazy.

My daughters didn’t really have anything this time around. They might have thought of something if they’d had more time to consider it, but as it was we ran out of time.


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