Doctor Who: Looking Back at 47 Days #39 – Best Season

A few years ago, I did a series of 47 daily posts which all looked at different questions related to the revival series of Doctor Who, focusing on stuff I like about the show. I worked out a series of questions in advance and then picked one randomly for each day. I’ve decided to revisit the series to see how my opinions may or may not have changed, and to bring two of my daughters into the discussion, since they are both big fans and have recently finished watching the revival series.

Why 47?  It’s my favorite number.

Why Doctor Who?  It’s my favorite show.

Why the modern day Doctor Who only?  Simply because I remember it better.

Why are we looking back at this now? Because we’re on a 47 day countdown to November 23, the birthday of the show.

Check out Day #38 here.

When I first did this, it was September 2016, which means we were in between the Christmas episodes The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Dr. Mysterio, and were yet to debut Peter Capaldi’s last season on the show. Jodie Whittaker was even further away. How has the passage of time, evolution of opinions, and three further seasons of the program impacted my opinions?

Today is Day #39, and our theme is…

Best Season

There have been twelve seasons of Doctor Who in the last 15+ years of real life time. They’ve all had good episodes, they’ve all had bad episodes. Which one do I like the best?

Last time, I chose Season Six, which had a balance of quite good episodes and some very effective plot twists. I still like Season Six, but if I can I like to find a different (though still valid) choice in these “Looking Back” posts.

I’ve also always liked Season Five a lot (Matt Smith being in general, my favorite Doctor). Steven Moffat delivered a fresh new dynamic with the 11th Doctor and Amy, along with a gripping mystery with the cracks in the universe, and some amazing dialogue and emotions.

But today I think I’m going to pick

Season Nine (2015)

This was Peter Capaldi’s second season as the 12th Doctor, and Jenna Coleman’s third year as the main companion. It was made up of 12 episodes, and I’d say that there was one terrible one (Sleep No More), five were decent or better (The Girl Who Waited, The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Invasion, The Zygon Inversion, and Hell Bent), five were very good (The Magician’s Apprentice, The Witch’s Familiar, Under the Lake, Before the Flood, and Face the Raven) and one was bizarrely masterful (Heaven Sent). That’s a pretty good average.

Clara gets a lot of hate from fans but I thought she was an amazing character who had a surprising and powerful character arc in this season. And I enjoyed the whole “Hybrid” mystery–the show knew how to do stuff that had an air of significance but did not actually mess around too badly with the core concepts.

And all of the cliffhangers of the season (The Magician’s Apprentice, Under the Lake, The Girl Who Died, The Zygon Invasion, Face the Raven and Heaven Sent) were fresh and amazing.

It’s a good, solid run of episodes

What did my daughters say?

Johanna (16) chose the same as me. Laurelle (14) is having a sleep over tonight and I wasn’t able to get a final answer from her but she probably would choose something from the 12th Doctor as well.

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