Quantum Leap: Where and When in the World is Dr. Sam Beckett?

This page is a record of all the times and places that Dr. Sam Beckett has been to in his five seasons of televised time-travel adventures on Quantum Leap.   I’ll be updating it (and reposting it) as I continue to make my way through the series.

What’s the closest that you’ve ever come to running into Sam Beckett on his adventures?  So far, I would have been about 3 and a half hours away from him in May of 1979.


June 15 – Crown Point, Indiana
Who:  Tom Jarrett, a military officer  [The Leap Back]. Al also spends time on this day as Tom Jarrett before Sam replaces him.


April 14-15 – New York City, NY
Who:  Nick Allen, a private detective  [Play It Again, Seymour]

August 4-5 (and for a few days beyond) – Oak Creek, Ohio
Who:  Charles Lee MacKenzie, a naval sailor  [The Americanization of Machiko]


June 3-4 – Aboard the Queen Mary, from New York Harbor into the Atlantic Ocean
Who:  Philip Dumont [Sea Bride]

September 4-6 – Chicago, Illinois
Who:  Charlie “Black Magic” Walters [Pool Hall Blues]

October 3-4 – Havenwell, Pennsylvania
Who:  Sam Beiderman, a mental patient [Shock Theater]


July 23 – 24 – Atlanta, Georgia
Who:  Terry Sammis, a professional wrestler  [Heart of a Champion]

August 8 – 10 – Red Dog, Alabama
Who:  Jesse Tyler, a chauffeur  [The Color of Truth]

November 14-15 – outside Claremore, Oklahoma
Who:  Billie Jean Crockett, a 16 year old girl who is about to have her first baby [8 1/2 Months]


August 5 – 12 – Riata ranch and surrounds, Texas
Who:  Daniel “Doc” Young, a vet  [How the Tess Was Won]

September 13 – 17 – Edwards Air Force Base in Blokefield, California
Who:  Captain Tom Stratton, pilot in the United States Air Force  [Genesis]


Unknown – Somewhere in the suburbs
Who:  An unnamed fireman [Honeymoon Express]

July 29 – August 3 or 4th – Twelve Oaks, Louisiana
August 2nd – Briefly in Baton Rouge securing a subpoena
Who:  Leonard Dancey, a lawyer [So Help Me God]

September 9-11 – Riven Rock, Massachusetts
Who:  Melvin Cooper, a mortician [Good Night, Dear Heart]

October 6-7 or 8 – St. Louis, Missouri
Who:  Kenny Sharp, a television actor [Future Boy]


June 7 – A bus station in Louisiana, and then on the bus on the way to Montgomery, Alabama
June 7-8 –
Montgomery, Alabama
Darlene Monte, a beauty pageant contestant [Miss Deep South]

September 1-2 – On the road, an hour or so south of Big Sur, California
Shane “Funnybone” Thomas, a biker [Rebel Without a Clue]

November 18-20 – Outside of Buck’s Tooth, Iowa
November 20 – Outside of Denver, Colorado
Who:  Victor Panzini, a circus acrobat [Leaping in Without A Net]


September 9-11th – Peoria, Illinois
Who:  Chick Howell, a radio deejay [Good Morning, Peoria]


April 27 – 28 – A train in New York, on the way to Niagara Falls, and then in Niagara Falls itself
Who:  Tom McBride, a New York police officer on his honeymoon  [Honeymoon Express]


April 4 – 5 – New Orleans, Louisiana
Who:  Gilbert Lacombe, a brothel owner  [Southern Comforts]

June 6 – 8 & beyond – Los Angeles, California
Who:  Cam Wilson, a high school student  [Camikazi Kid]

August 6 – 7 – Galveston, Texas (and at the start, briefly in a town a six hour bus ride away, and then along the bus route)
Who:  Lester “Doc” Fuller, a minor league baseball player  [Play Ball]

August 15-17 – Detroit, Michigan
Who:  Samantha Stormer, a secretary  [What Price, Gloria?]


October 26-28 – Homestead, Florida
Who:  Eddie Ellroy, a 19 year old college student and part-time bomb-shelter salesman [Nuclear Family]

November 6-13 – Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
Who:  Eddie Vega, a high school football player at El Camino High School [All-Americans]

December 24-25 – New York City, NY
Who:  Reginald Pearson, a personal valet [A Little Miracle]


March 11-12 – Abilene, Texas, and away from town on the road to New Mexico, arriving in Clayton, NM on the evening of the 12th.
Who:  Buster, a bouncer at a strip club who is romantically involved with stripper Bunny O’Hare (real name Thelma Lou Dickey) [Maybe Baby]

August 19-21 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Who:  Father Frank Pistano [Leap of Faith]


July 4 – On a road trip from Carbon County, Wyoming into Colorado
Who:  Butchie Rickett, a 13 year old boy [Runaway]

September 6 – 7 – New York City, New York
Who:  Andrew Ross, a blind concert pianist  [Blind Faith]

October 14 – 15 – Oakland, California
Who:  Jimmy LaMotta, a mentally retarded dock worker  [Jimmy]

October 31 – Coventry, Maine
Who:  Joshua Rey, a horror novelist [The Boogieman]


May 11 – A town in the American south, possibly Alabama
Who:  Clyde, a government office worker  [Justice]

June 15-20 – New York City, New York
Who:  Karl Granson, a fashion photographer  [One Strobe Over the Line]

August 11-12 – Watts, Los Angeles, California
Who:  Ray Harper, a medical intern  [Black on White on Fire]

November 8-9 – New York City (South Brooklyn, in particular), New York
Who:  Francesco “Frankie” La Palma  [Double Identity]


October 16-18, 1967 – Meeks College, California
Who:  Knut Wileton, a college student  [Animal Frat]


One summer evening – Waco, Texas
Who:  Tim Fox, minor league baseball player  [Genesis]


August 17-18 – Jackson’s Point, Mississippi
Who:  Archie Necaise, local sheriff  [Hurricane]

November 25-28 – Elk Ridge, Indiana
Who:  Sam Beckett himself, as a 16 year old high school student  [The Leap Home]


April 7-9 – Vietnam
Who:  Herbert “Magic” Williams, a Navy SEAL  [The Leap Home part 2 – Vietnam]

November 22-23 – Nevada
Who:  George Washakie, descendant of the Shoshone tribe of Native Americans  [Freedom]


February 7-9 – Outside Los Angeles, California
Who:  Dr. Timothy Mintz, a parapsychologist  [A Portrait for Troian]

May 12-14 – Tallahassee, Florida
Who:  Jesus Ortega, a death row inmate  [Last Dance Before an Execution]


June 15-17th – Lawrence College in Marion, Ohio
June 17th – Drives to Washington DC, to the Watergate hotel
Who:  Gerald R. Bryant, an English professor  [Star-Crossed]


September 26-27th – Boston Massachusetts, drives to a cabin in the Berkshires on the evening of the 26th until the 27th
Who:  Peter Langly, a corrupt FBI agent  [Her Charm]


February 2-4 – Los Angeles, California
Who: Rabbi David Basch [Thou Shalt Not…]

April 12-14 – Detroit, Michegan
Who: Geoffrey “Tonic” Mole, the lead singer of King Thunder [Glitter Rock]

May 9-11 – Oakland, California
Who: Harry Spontini, a traveling magician [The Great Spontini]

October 24 – October 29 – Sacramento, California
Who:  Clarence “Kid” Cody, a boxer  [The Right Hand of God]


April 1 – April 4 (at least, probably more like April 6 or 7) – Burbank, California
Who:  Chad Stone, a stuntman  [Disco Inferno]

June 18-19)– Traveling across Arkansas from near Marshall (presumably towards Decatur, including going through Travel Town
Who:  Bounty hunter Gordon O’Reilly  [A Hunting We Will Go]


May 21-24 – Syracuse, New York
Who:  Ray Hutton, a theatre actor  [Catch a Falling Star]

October 6-9 – New York City, NY
Who:  Rod “the Bod” McCarty, a male stripper  [Private Dancer]


June 20-23– Mill Valley, California
Who:  Katie McBain, a young woman  [Raped]


September 30-October 1 – Scottsdale, Arizona
Who:  Linda Bruckner, a divorced mother  [Another Mother]


June 2-3– Beverly Hills, California (and Lake Arrowhead on June 3rd)
Who:  Frank Bianca, a hair stylist  [Permanent Wave]


November 10-11 – Scottsdale, Arizona
Who:  Joey DeNardo, operating under the name Chuck Danner, driving through New Mexico, starting from Tularosa through Vadito, past Taos and up to an airport in Sedona  [Piano Man]


September 18 (possibly, see below) – Stallion’s Gate, New Mexico
Who:  Sam Beckett himself  [The Leap Back]


January 24 (possibly, see above) – Stallion’s Gate, New Mexico
Who:  Sam Beckett himself  [The Leap Back]

Quantum Leap - The Leap Home

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