Doctor Who: Looking Back at 47 Days #28 – TARDIS Interiors

A few years ago, I did a series of 47 daily posts which all looked at different questions related to the revival series of Doctor Who, focusing on stuff I like about the show. I worked out a series of questions in advance and then picked one randomly for each day. I’ve decided to revisit the series to see how my opinions may or may not have changed, and to bring two of my daughters into the discussion, since they are both big fans and have recently finished watching the revival series.

Why 47?  It’s my favorite number.

Why Doctor Who?  It’s my favorite show.

Why the modern day Doctor Who only?  Simply because I remember it better.

Why are we looking back at this now? Because we’re on a 47 day countdown to November 23, the birthday of the show.

Check out Day #27 here.

When I first did this, it was September 2016, which means we were in between the Christmas episodes The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Dr. Mysterio, and were yet to debut Peter Capaldi’s last season on the show. Jodie Whittaker was even further away. How has the passage of time, evolution of opinions, and three further seasons of the program impacted my opinions?

Today is Day #28, and our theme is…

Favorite TARDIS Interior Design

I found this nifty site right here which goes through quite a detailed examination of pretty much all the TARDIS interiors, and tells you all you need to know about all of them, pretty much.

This is quick post today for various reasons, but last time, I selected the 11th Doctor’s first TARDIS interior, which we saw from The Eleventh Hour up until Amy and Rory left him a few years later.

This time, my daughters and I all agree…

The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS interior

In my older age, I find that I enjoy the clean lines and relatively uncluttered design of this TARDIS, which according to the above website was designed by production designer Michael Pickwoad.

This interior, incidentally, has the same architecture as the 11th Doctor’s second TARDIS interior, but with different lighting, and a whole lot more furniture and props added into the mix. Notably, the upper levels of the room were now lined with book shelves.

It’s those extra design elements that really elevate the room. The book shelves give it a classic feel that we never had before, and I also really like the chalk board. Laurelle (14) likes the fact that the show made regular use of those places in the console room that were away from the console itself, with Peter Capaldi regularly coming down the stairs playing the guitar or what have you. And Johanna (16), in addition to liking all the books (she’s a big reader), likes the fact that the place just looks so clean, as opposed to the grimy feel of some of the other variations. Both of my girls really like the concentric rings of the time rotor that spun around above the console.

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