Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done #14 (not much really) – October 19, 2020

Did you know that three of Henry VIII’s famous six wives were actually from marriages that were annulled? That means that legally, he only had three wives.

I found that out this past weekend when I attended a birthday party for a family friend–specifically the grown friend to my now-grown daughter–and she ran a trivia quiz. It was full of some pretty obscure and tricky questions, but my team won! Very little thanks to me, I think, though I knew a couple of things here and there. Like the fact that it’s Ricky Baker from Hunt for the Wilderpeople who says the famous line, “Caucasian–well, they got that wrong because you’re obviously white.”

We won a pack of frozen chicken nuggets, I think, which I actually left behind by mistake.

School was back on this week–not for me but for my kids. This meant a lot less time sitting around hanging out with them, introducing them to all old movies that I think form an important part of their cultural education.

But still there was a tremendous amount of TV viewing. My less-nerdy but still-she-wants-to-watch-this-show daughter and I made some good progress on The Umbrella Academy season 2, which had some big plot revelations.

I think Diego is my favorite.

My other two daughters and I snuck in a couple of episodes of Young Justice season 1…

…which does a great job capturing the feel of a good all-ages comic book.

I also watched an enormous amount of Battlestar Galactica, basically wrapping up the whole series. There are some creative choices in the last third or so of the show that I’m not crazy about (ghost-Starbuck seemed a bit unnecessary to me) but mostly I quite enjoyed it.

I’d always heard the ending was unbearably bleak, but actually the unbearably bleak bit comes in the middle of the last season. Toward the end, it picks up a bit again, becoming more hopeful.

I edited my viewing of this series quite a bit, skipping over lots of sexual scenes (something I definitely don’t need to sit and watch). Just wanted to mention that so you’d know what you are getting into.

I even pushed forward a bit on The Flash season 6.

I’ve already seen the whole Crisis on Infinite Earths adaptation, but with regular Flash viewing, I’m in the episodes that are leading up that event. I can’t bring myself to say I actually like the show anymore, but I keep watching when I can. I hear they are going to do some stuff with the Mirror Master at some point this year, so I’m curious about that.

And finally, I finished, after many years, Outsourced.

What? Well, it was a sit-com that premiered in 2010 and only lasted one year, about an American guy who gets sent to India to run a call centre for a novelty business. I caught a few episodes on TV and thought it was pretty funny, so later bought the DVD. Though there are certainly cute moments, the whole thing tired me out after a while, especially with it’s over-reliance on gross-out / sexual humor (pretty standard fare for Western sitcoms, I guess). I ended up putting it away before I ever saw the last episode, always with the intention of dotting that “i” someday. Well, this weekend, during a time when I was hanging out at home alone, I finally finished that off. Phew.

I don’t think I was missing much, really, even though it was interesting to see Sacha Dhawan again, in his days pre-Doctor Who.

But aside from all that, and from some other things I already posted about, there hasn’t been much going on this week. I haven’t really read anything except an issue or two of Geoff John’s Flash, and I haven’t gotten any personal work done on anything. Ugh.

Well, its a new week, with new possibilities.

Time to go watch The Flash, I guess.

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