101 Movies That I Love the Most (Video)

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve gone ahead and made a Youtube video.  I mean, I’ve made films before, and I’ve posted them on Youtube–but for the first time I’ve just made a video of me talking for the sole purpose of posting on Youtube.

101 Movies I Love the Most-1

The subject?  The 101 Movies That I Love the Most.  Not the best movies, as I’m quick to point out…because who can ever really say such a thing?  There are movies I’ve never seen, there are movies I can’t remember, there are movies that are great but I don’t like them…etc.

No, this is the Movies that I love the most, at least today.  Actually, it was all inspired by a friend a who also made a video about favorite movies (and another one about favorite albums)–here’s a link to his channel.  His lists got me revising an old list of mine, and then led to this video, as part of my 50th Birthday celebrations.

Anyway, it’s long, and I’m sitting in my car, and it’s a bit  self indulgent.  But if you can’t be a bit self-indulgent when you turn 50, then for goodness’ sake, when can you?

So…enjoy, if you dare!


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