It’s Christmas!

…or nearly.  Less than two hours, local standard time.  And we’ve all been busy buying stuff, wrapping stuff, singing stuff, making stuff, eating stuff, stuffing stuff…it’s been full-on.

Christmas Decorations 7

But great.  I like Christmas.  It has the whole spiritual-religious significance, with the celebration of the birth of God on earth…an amazing and unparalleled miracle.  It has he family connections, plus all the presents and all the other stuff I mentioned above.

And the decorations!  In my house, that means a couple of nativity scenes, stockings, ornaments, and of course, a tree.

Obviously, Christmas trees are nothing unique to me and my family…most everyone that I know has one, festively decorated.  But isn’t interesting how differently one household will decorate them from another?

Christmas Decorations 3

I grew up with trees that were decorated in an extremely eclectic fashion, with items of all different sorts that had been gathered at all different times.

Christmas Decorations 2

My adult married-life trees have adopted a similar style.

This is in high contrast to the trees that my wife grew up with, which were always decorated with more restraint and in a more consistent fashion.  But I guess chaos ultimately triumphs over order.

Christmas Decorations 5

Here’s some other looks…

Christmas Decorations 4

Christmas Decorations 6

And here, just because, is a spoon, hanging on the tree.

Christmas Decorations 1

I can’t remember where it comes from, but it seems fitting, given our recent focus on spoons during September, the Month of the Spoon (#monthofthespoon).

And of course, with my family, another big part of our unique decorating stylings are the Martian kings!

Christmas Martian Kings 6

You can read about them here.

They sometimes visit the tree, but generally they are free to wander about our home in any way they see fit.  Often they visit the Nativity Scenes.

Martian Kings Nativity

We don’t believe Martian Kings are real, of course, but we do think that if they were, and if they were around when Jesus was born, they would have wanted to worship him as well.

Recently, one of the Martian Kings visited a place he never expected to go, which was inside our vacuum cleaner.

Christmas Martian Kings 1

My wife had accidentally sucked him up, but I, being the brave husband that I am, rescued the poor guy later.

He did look a bit traumatized for his experience.

Christmas Martian Kings 2

But my daughter pampered him a bit and now he’s right as rain.

Christmas Martian Kings 3

Good thing too, or that might have ruined Christmas!

Christmas Martian Kings 5

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope it’s good one!



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