The Daily Spoon #30 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon. #MonthoftheSpoon

Today is the end of September, and thus the end of 2019’s Month of the Spoon.

The Daily Spoon #30b

This morning, I woke up in Denver, at the home that I remember visiting my grandparents in, and in which my aunt lived for many years afterwards. We’re here because my dad passed away last year, and much of the family has gathered together to scatter his ashes in the Rocky Mountains, an area he loved a lot.

These days, the house is mostly unoccupied, as my aunt is living in New York with my mom.  But it’s still full of furniture and knick-knacks and odds and ends.

And spoons.

The Daily Spoon #30c

As far as I know, there aren’t any of the Agatsuma spoons I’ve featured so much here before.  They, like many of the more desirable items, have already left the house.  So what’s left is the odd assemblage in this drawer, largely forgotten, but still useful, and still carrying history and worth.

I was looking specifically for something to eat breakfast with.

Many of the possibilities I discarded, for fairly obvious reasons.

The Daily Spoon #30d

What’s a dessert spoon?  I picked this one up thinking it was a measuring spoon, expecting it say “1 Tablespoon”, but no.

This one was not looking very appealing…

The Daily Spoon #30h

And this one was just a bit too large to seem comfortable.

The Daily Spoon #30g

Similarly, I wondered if this one might be too small, but I still decided to pick it for breakfast.

The Daily Spoon #30e

It won me over with it’s little starburst in its handle.

The Daily Spoon #30f

And here it is, with my breakfast (cereal and fruit!)

The Daily Spoon #30a

And with that, we close off the Month of the Spoon.  Thanks so much for being here with us through it all, and let’s all try to remember our spoons all year ’round, even when it isn’t their special day.

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