The Daily Spoon #29 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon. #MonthoftheSpoon

On this penultimate day for the Daily Spoon, life takes us to strange places.  Specifically, a restaurant in Los Angeles where my daughter and I are having breakfast burritos on a layover on our way to a family gathering in Denver.  Here we have met up with one of my oldest friends, Matt, who I haven’t seen for five years.  Accompanying him is his daughter, Elke, who has just turned five, and thus whom I have never met before.

The Daily Spoon #29k

Because I have asked him, Matt is happy to share with me his perspective about spoons.

As we sit at the restaurant with our  breakfast, I ask Matt about the spoons he’s chosen.  the first thing he shows me is a wooden utensil that would not have automatically called a spoon, because it’s shaped a bit more like a spatula.  Matt, however, quickly identifies it as a spoon.

The Daily Spoon #29c

Matt is actually an Associate Professor of Psychology at Azusa Pacific University, and he delivers his commentary about the spoon with the gentle confidence that I assume his students are used to.  “This wooden spoon is actually a bamboo spoon, but it’s sort of unique because it has this flat surface.”

The Daily Spoon #29a

Matt has drawn attention to the very thing that had caused me to pause, but he continues on without any awkwardness.  “So what that allows you to do–which at first I was not convinced was going to be a game changer–is that you can scrape the bottom of the pan much more easily than with these round or oval shaped ones.”  He demonstrates the motion that this would involve with the comfortable familiarity of someone who has spent many enjoyable hours in the kitchen.

The Daily Spoon #29b

Going on about the traditional oval or round shaped spoons, Mat adds, “Often, they up scraping like a tiny little line around the food.”  It’s clear that this is unsatisfactory.

Examining the spoon more closely, I see that it is not only made of bamboo, it’s actually produced by a company called Bambu.  Matt and I agree they are really doubling down on this whole bamboo thing.

The Daily Spoon #29l

Elke interrupts at this point, to mention that the spoon is sharp at one end (the flat surface) and it has a long pointy part as well (the handle).

The Daily Spoon #29e

Somewhere in here I interrupt Matt and ask the sort of hard confrontational question that we are known for at the Daily Spoon:  is this thing really a spoon?  If I held this up, without any introduction, what would you call it, I ask Matt.

He answers without flinching, “A wooden spoon.”  He’s committed, and I can see I’m not going to get him to crack.

Matt then picks up the other item he’s brought, and says, “Who could not love this spoon?”

The Daily Spoon #29d

It turns out that this is the item is one that Elke is fond of.  “She said this is a cooler spoon.  I mean, it is the Imperial Spoon.”  Elke identifies the figure illustrated in some child-like terms, including “Darth Vader, the King of the super-mean heroes.”

The Daily Spoon #29g

However, Matt confides, “I call this is a spatula, but we keep it in the same place as the wooden spoons, so it’s sort of absorbed some spooniness because of its location.”

It’s evident that Elke picked this one after Matt had picked his.  “If I’m being totally honest, I don’t have a lot of strong feelings about spoons, so it was a bit hard for me to choose.”

“But these are not arbitrary choices.  Out of of all the spoons, there are what I would choose.”

The Daily Spoon #29h

Taking advantage of the fact that I have someone in front of me with his academic qualifications, I also ask Matt if he had any psychological or PhD related insights about spoons he wanted to share, but he declined further comment.

The Daily Spoon #29i

Thank you, Matt & Elke, for sharing your spoons with us, and join us tomorrow for the final day of the Daily Spoon, here on Blue Towel Productions’ soon-to-be-complete Month of the Spoon!


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