The Daily Spoon #27 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon. #MonthoftheSpoon

Today is not the end of the Month of the Spoon, but we are coming to the end of the series of Agatsuma spoons that we started back on Day 5.

The Daily Spoon #27d

The last spoon from the set I received from my mother’s side of the family is a larger serving spoon.

The Daily Spoon #27c

It’s tricky to get the scale of this thing, right?  For reference, we see that it is the same size as the slotted spoon that was featured on Day 8.

The Daily Spoon #27b

But larger than the tablespoon that was featured on Day 6.

The Daily Spoon #27a

And now, as we get to the last of our Agatsuma spoons, complete with “A’s” etched in handles, we realize there are a total of 7 different types of spoon in the set!  I had no idea!

The Daily Spoon #27f

They kind of look like the Justice League, don’t they? (That’s today’s spoon in the middle).

By the way, this spoon has a “Stainless Korea” stamped in the back, which makes it Korea-4, Japan-3 in final score of where these spoons were made.

The Daily Spoon #27e

Evil beware!

Join us tomorrow for more of The Daily Spoon, here on your favorite spoon-related blog’s presentation of The Month of the Spoon!

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