The Daily Spoon #15 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon. #MonthoftheSpoon

As promised yesterday, today’s spoon comes from our second guest post, from my friend Helga.

The Daily Spoon #15a

For continuity buffs out there, Helga is the wife of My Friend Rod, who helped to shape last year’s series of Weekly Geeky Questions as well as one of the contributors to our Box-Office Blockbuster Tourney earlier this year. She shares some precious spoon-related memories from her life:

My name is Helga and I come from Norway.

Since many of our traditional foods have to be consumed with a spoon, spoons have played an important part in my life for as long as I can remember. Maybe that is also why spoons are a popular gift to give a child, for christening, birthday etc. When you think about it, it is really quite a loving gift, giving you the tool to eat food that will sustain you.

The Daily Spoon #15c

Silver spoons are arguably the Creme de la Creme of spoons so therefore they are the most popular choice. Hence, I have a silver child size spoon, given to me for my Christening, with name and date inscribed on it. It helped me consumed countless bowls of porridge through my childhood. There is also a matching fork.

The Daily Spoon #15b

When I was bringing it with me overseas so that my own children could use it, I had put it in my hand luggage because of it’s sentimental value. It did not occur to me that a blunt children’s fork would pose a risk to airline safety, but the security personnel thought differently. Thankfully we found a way to bring it through in the end.

As you can see, they don’t look very shiny anymore due to being stored with other cutlery, and silver polishing not being a popular activity in our home. Despite it’s appearance I t is still much loved and used almost daily, due to its convenient dessert spoon size.


Thanks so much for sharing your precious memories, Helga!

Helga actually shared about two spoons; we’ll feature her other guest post tomorrow.  Hope to see there for the next installment of  The Daily Spoon here on Blue Towel Productions’ The Month of the Spoon!

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