The Daily Spoon #2 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon.  #MonthoftheSpoon

Today we are looking at the spoon that I ate my breakfast with, just this morning.


Brekky was just muesli and yogurt and milk in a bowl, but all of that would have been worth nothing if it wasn’t for the spoon.

It’s a totally normal kitchen spoon which we acquired something like 18 years ago for our wedding.  It’s a Mayfair & Jackson brand, and was bought off the wedding gift registry at Myers.  If you look carefully, you can see that etched into the back of the set is “Mayfair & Jackson 18/20”–I don’t know what this means exactly.

The Daily Spoon #2b

A surface level scan of the internet, including on the Myers website, reveals nothing about “Mayfair & Jackson”, connected to spoons or otherwise, so maybe they’ve gone out of business.

If so, then I guess this post is about how spoons, just like poetry and art, can last well beyond the artisans who were responsible for their design.  Our Mayfair & Jackson spoons are still going strong in our home (alone with their fork & knife cousins), helping us to feed ourselves cereal, soup, ice cream and other nutrients, pretty much every day.

The Daily Spoon #2c

See you tomorrow for The Daily Spoon Day #3 here on Blue Towel Productions’ The Month of the Spoon.

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