I Ain’t Your Caffeine Monster [Short Film]

So not long ago the people in my work team and I put together a little film project called I Ain’t Your Caffeine Monster.

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 2

It’s just three minutes long, and features the strange encounter that a young guy named Joey has at one point with an unexpected and unwanted advisor…his coffee cup!

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 5

It’s actually based on a longer script that I wrote, which is very loooooosely inspired by an incident that I experienced on one of my first film jobs that I ever worked on after college.  (That story will have to keep until another day)

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 4

We cut down the ideas to just a few minutes, and tacked on a simplified ending which works as an ending, but I’ll be honest, I’m not super-proud of.  We filmed it one night this past June.

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 1

The whole thing was, amongst other things, an entry into a film contest called My RØDE Reel 2019, sponsored by Røde, a producer of microphones and other audio gear.  We won a microphone for being one of the first 200 entries (still waiting for it to arrive) and could potentially win a bunch more prizes if the judges like our work.

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 3

Also, we can win some prizes in a “People’s Choice” category if enough people vote for us.  If you are feeling supportive and you like the film, you can do so at this link:


But even if not, you can watch the film below.  Enjoy!

You can also watch our Behind the Scenes video, which was part of our contest entry requirements:


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