Presenting: Unattended (Short Film…short, short film)

So recently my media-related ministry had a team retreat, and during that time we had a short film exercise to work on.  There were very few boundaries except in terms of time, (we ended up having about 1 1/4 hours to film, and the movie had to focus around a conflict between two characters.

Yup, that was it.  A conflict.  You know, unlike 99% of the movies in the world.  (No complaints from me, though…I’m the one who assigned the project!)

Anyway, below is the film we came up with.  Me and the other most experienced guy ended up as the main characters, leaving most of the filmmaking to you our younger compatriots.  They did a good job and we all had fun making it, even if it’s patently obvious that that pram doesn’t have a baby in it.

And due to sound effect limitations, when the baby gets a toy, it seems to turn into multiple babies, in a room somewhere!

Anyway, enjoy!

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