A Short Movie: Lost in Spaces

A few months ago, the missions community that I work at was going on a staff retreat.  One of the highlights of that semi-regular occasion is a “No Talent Night”.  My friend Rod approached me with the idea of producing a short film for that evening.  Ideas were bandied about and plans drawn up, and in the end, the movie you see at the bottom of the article was the result…more or less.

Lost in Spaces.jpg

Originally, it was in two parts, which was a way to get around the desired time limit for acts (we sold it as my presenting a movie, and Rod presenting another movie), and it ended a bit earlier for reasons that will be obvious as you watch it.

Technically, of course, this is not a “Blue Towel” film–as that is the name I generally give to all my projects that are produced under my own auspices.  In this case, even though I took the lead in the creative work (eg directed and edited the thing) it was really done and shared under the authority of the missions community I work with, YWAM Perth.  As such, it’s like a lot a number of other films that I’ve shared on this sight.  But in interest of minimizing the number of categories that my blog is divided into, I’ve put all such projects under “Blue Towel Projects”…I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, enjoy the film!  It’s a bit in-jokey, which hopefully makes sense given the primary audience, but hopefully it has enough general appeal to still be enjoyable.


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