Strange Sightings: Superheroes in Manila

A couple of years ago I spent a few weeks in Manila, on a missions project.  While there, I couldn’t help but to notice how prominent super-hero related merchandise was, just about everywhere.


Now, to be clear, this is not the main thing I was thinking about when I was in Manila.  But I did notice it, and I decided to snap some photos along the way.

The above picture was one of some of the stranger things–I guess these little plush dolls were building off the popularity of the WB’s Arrow and The Flash, even though I’m not sure Stephen Amell had sported any sort of goateed look for the Green Arrow character up til that point.

Or maybe he had? This T-Shirt certainly makes it appear so.


A lot of the stuff was just in shop windows as I walked by.



(Since when does Wonder Woman need to be carried around by Superman?!  I’m offended!)


(“Hey guys, come look at my dying Anakin Skywalker head!  So cool, right?  At least I didn’t replace it with Hayden Christensen!”)

Other things were a lot more bold and conspicuous, like so.

IMG_7263Do you get this sort of thing in America?  It’s been along time since I lived there long-term, so maybe it’s all there now.  But I feel like this is the sort of thing I regularly see only in Asia, especially in airports.  Although this was a mall.

Then there’s just also normal merchandising, which I guess is common everywhere:


Or like so…

IMG_7699I tell you, as a long-time DC guy, I’m lovin’ seeing all this Justice League stuff everywhere, particularly in the wake of Marvel’s cinematic dominance.


First she needs to be carried, and now she can’t even get through a little maze by herself!  Oh well, it’s a good thing you’re there to help her out.


The Justice League not only will fight off your giant alien starfish invasion, they’ll also help you get ready for your overnight trip!


Seriously?  There’s a towel inside of this thing?

But the strangest thing I saw was this coloring book.  This wasn’t at a store, it was a place that reaches out to disadvantaged kids.  And it wasn’t at the same time as all the other stuff…rather it was on a later trip to Manila, in the same year.

Notice anything strange?


That’s right…Marvel and DC can’t get it together to play nice and do some new crossovers, but in Manila,  you can enjoy the shared adventures of DC’s big three, two of Marvel’s big three, and three of the Fantastic Four.

I can only presume this is some sore of unauthorized knock-off, thought the cover image still looks good.

Who are they all facing, do you think?  Might as well go whole hog and just say they’re fighting the Imperial Fleet from Star Wars. 

I’d buy that comic for a dollar!

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