Bzzzz–I did a comic!

OK, let’s be clear, I’m no artist.


But recently my wife led out on a little household project whereby she got a free calendar from one of the local city councils, and decided to replace all the pictures with pieces of art by our family.  So everyone was tasked to create something that we’d have up to look at for a month.

The results were pretty cool with things like this…

family art 1

And this…

family art 2

And this…

Family Art 3.jpg

That one was called “The Lonely Dot”.  Hmmm….

And this…

family art 4

Pretty cool, right?

I decided to participate, and I decided I’d make my contribution a comic.  Or my contributions, really.  There are only five of us so in general that means even two pages from each of us won’t complete it.  So I made a two page comic story, one of which is currently occupying March on our 2019 calendar, and the other is sitting on August.  I wrote, penciled, inked and lettered the whole effort in my inimitable (that is, my “why would one want to imitate it?”) style.  I guess I edited it as well.

The story is actually based on a comic I’d done before, that I’d just doodled in my notebook one day.  Or rather, the first page of my comic is a distillation of that (longer) doodle, while the second page is an attempt to wrap up the strangeness with some sort of narrative cohesion.

Anyway, naturally, I decided to share it here, since I talk about comics and comic-related stuff so much, if not for enjoyment than at least for posterity.

It’s not officially titled but I guess I’m calling it Bzzzz.  Sorry, I realize it’s not really optimized for web viewing.

Bzzzz – Part One


Bzzzz – Part Two


And there you go.  My first “published” comic.

Bee Man is a bit of a pain to draw.  But easy to color.

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