Weekly Geeky Question #7: An Epic Comic-Book Movie Adaptation

Every week in 2018, the plan is that my friend Rod is going to ask me some geeky question that will answer in a post. This week is Week #7, and the question has to do with the grand-daddy of all comic book line-wide crossovers:  Crisis on Infinite Earths

What would the plot be of a live action film adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Crisis on Infinite Earths was a 12 issue maxi-series (as they used to call it) which was written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Perez.  I recently finished re-reading the entire saga, and blogging about what I see, which you can read starting here.It’s story spanned across pretty much the entirety of the DC Universe at the day, and it had the mandate to simplify what was seen as the convoluted continuity of DC Comics, especially the multitude of parallel earths that had become part of its internal mythology.

Since then, most of its changes have been rolled back in one way or another, but at the time a lot of its changes–including the death of characters such as Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and the Flash (Barry Allen) were quite shocking.  The story is a bit clunky at times, but holds up surprisingly well considering the scope of what it is attempting to accomplish, and the broad spectrum of characters and concepts that it includes.

So, thinking about an adaptation of this material, in the format of a single feature film (and not a trilogy, or a TV series, or whatever) is a bit challenging, and it’s going to involve compressing things, eliminating things, accelerating things, rearranging things, and in some cases even adding things and expanding things.  This is always a controversial process, but it’s necessary.  Movies are movies and books are books, and each medium has its own demands.

Anyway, the point of all this is that  Rod wants know what I’d include, what I’d cut out, and ultimately, who I’d cast.  I’m not to make this part of the Arrow-verse, but it can be connected to the DCEU if I want (though I don’t).

As I do this, a good starting point is to realize that this is going to be a long movie, like at least Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice (2:31) or maybe Titanic (3:15) or maybe even Dances with Wolves (3:56).  Whatever it’s going to be epic.  Here we go!


Lights dim. 

Curtains open revealing the full width of the screen.

Opening ominous musical drawl…


In darkness, we hear a somber monologue from sad male voice, talking about the end of all things.  There is a massive explosion and suddenly there is light everywhere, and we see the beginning of the multiverse, with parallel earth after parallel earth springing into existence.


It all goes black again.  Suddenly we cut harshly into a universe being destroyed.  People fleeing for their lives, all in vain, from a relentless wall of nothingness, which destroys all it touches. In the midst of it all appears Pariah, alone untouched out of all the chaos.


He speaks, and we know that he is the source of the monologue.  Just when the wall of nothing would reach him, he disappears.

Earth 1Gotham City

Dawn.  Batman crosses the rooftops with the help if his grappling hooks.  He speaks on a radio to Alfred; he needs to see Superman later to talk about strange things that have been happening–weird events and appearances, including reports of a strange new player who seems involved behind the scenes everywhere.  Alfred asks when he should tell Superman that Batman wants to see him, and Batman says he has something to do first.


He smashes through a window and fights the Joker who is in the midst of a crime.  He defeats him pretty easily, but in the midst of it, the Flash appears.  He delivers dire warnings about terrible things that are happening, which he yells out before being taken away by an unknown force.


Batman is stunned.

Title:  Crisis on Infinite Earths


Earth 1 – New York City

Firestorm is flying back from a mission, talking to Professor Stein (his disembodied co-hero and constant companion), when suddenly, they encounter a mysterious super-powered woman, Harbinger.  She freezes time around Firestorm and says that he must come with her; universes are dying and all existence hangs in the balance. Accompanying her is Psycho Pirate, a villain from Earth 2 who can use a special mask to control emotions.  He was “summoned” just as Firestorm is.  After some prodding, Firestorm agrees, hearing that there is one more stop along the way that they have to make.

Another Universe

In another universe, the world is collapsing again, people dying everywhere, including various unknown heroes.  Pariah once again appears, forced to watch it all.  He cries out, begging for death, cursing the events which have forced him to live this existence of endlessly bearing witness to disaster.  When he begins to vanish, he sees a young girl about to be consumed by the Anti-Matter.  He tries to save her, but is unable to, and vanishes. 


All of this is being watched on a screen by the mysterious Monitor, at this point primarily unseen.

Earth 1

Harbinger, Firestorm and Psycho Pirate make their last stop, which turns out to be to break Firestorm’s arch enemy Killer Frost out of prison.


She is going to kill Firestorm when Psycho Pirate uses his powers to make her love him instead.  Harbinger tells them it’s time to see the one who has summoned them, a man who is like a father to her.


Around the multiverse, we see Harbinger collecting different heroes for the same mysterious purpose.  It becomes clear that these are different copies of Harbinger, all operating with the same purpose.  Among the heroes we see summoned are Blue Beetle (from Earth 4), Mary Marvel (from Earth S) and the Ray (from Earth X).

These various Harbingers bring the super-powered heroes and villains to a satellite, and we see them begin to merge together into the one woman they are.

Earth 1 – Over the Mountains in the American Mid-West

However, one aspect of Harbinger is carrying with her the villainous Dr. Light, when she is suddenly attacked by a dark and shadowy figure.  Dr. Light screams as he is killed, and Harbinger reacts in fear as the dark shadow moves toward her.


A moment later, that Harbinger is seen rising away from the sight of that battle, heading back to the satellite with a dark expression.

The Monitor’s Satellite

The Summoned all mingle around the inside of the Monitor’s satellite, confused.


Firestorm is our point of view character.  He tries to ward off the advances of Killer Frost while he looks for someone he knows.  He sees who he thinks is Superman, but it’s actually an older Superman from Earth 2.

Firestorm and a couple of other heroes (Firebrand of Earth 2, and Blue Beetle) break off and find Harbinger and ask her what is going on.  Harbinger is tight-lipped but eventually shares about her background:  she was found by the Monitor when she was close to death, the survivor of an experiment which imbued her with terrific powers, and how she became his partner in attempting to stave off the universal Crisis which threatens them all.

The final Harbinger (the one who was attacked) returns, expressing mock sorrow for having lost Dr. Light.  The Monitor is finally seen here, and has a regretful tone in his conversation with Harbinger.  Does he know about what’s happened to her, we wonder.  But he says nothing.


The Dark Harbinger returns to her “Prime Self,” who senses something is wrong, but it’s too late.  The corrupted Harbinger merges with her, spreading the corruption to the whole person

Apparently not knowing this, the Monitor turns his attention toward creating a new Dr. Light to replace the one who was killed.  He directs stellar energy toward the lab of the cold and bitter Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi in Japan of Earth 1, who is caught in a fearsome blast and vanishes.


The other characters are still trying to figure out what is going on when they are suddenly attacked by Shadow Demons.


They battle for some time before the Monitor shows up and dispels them all.  This attack is a sign that his enemy is moving faster than expected.


The Monitor makes it clear to everyone what is at stake – the fate of the multiverse, of which only 5 earths remain (1, 2, S, X, & 4).  They are under threat by their enemy, the Monitor’s anti-matter doppelganger, the Anti-Monitor.  The Monitor has placed five giant machines on the five earths, and they need to be guarded until they can be powered and activated, and these heroes have been chosen to guard four of them.  The fifth (on Earth 1) will have a whole host of other heroes working to guard it, but he will send an agent to make sure they know what’s going on.

Earth 1 – Metropolis

A giant tuning fork machine has appeared in the city, even while massive environmental upheavals have begun (red skies, lightning storms, etc).


Superman of Earth 1 and Batman have gathered there, and are organizing a while bunch of other heroes to investigate, and try to protect people.


Coming close to the Tuning Fork, Superman finds it is guarded by the new Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), who unpleasantly tells him to not threaten the Fork, it is their job to protect it.



The Summoned heroes are sent away to their posts – we see them arrive on Earth 2, Earth 2, Earth X, and Earth 4, in strange and obscure places (eg. the Old West, a barren future, etc).  Firestorm, Killer Frost and Psycho Pirate are part of the team in World War II on Earth 4.

The Monitor’s Satellite

Meanwhile, Harbinger receives some sort of telepathic order from the darkness within her, and sends one aspect of herself off on a mission.

Earth 4 – World War II Europe

As the team prepare to defend the Tuning Fork that is there, Psycho Pirate begins to give into his villainous tendencies to harass locals, and when Firestorm tries to stop him he turns his attention on them.


Eventually, he runs away, and is taken by Harbinger.

The Darkness

Psycho Pirate is brought by Harbinger to the Anti-Monitor, who is still shrouded in darkness, who tells him of a part he has to play in his grand design, threatening him with a terrible display of power to convince him to comply.


Nearby, held in stasis, is the Flash , who was taken as he alone has the power to travel between dimensions at will.  The Anti-Monitor steps into the light, revealing a grim visage.


He unleashes his forces…

Earth 1 – Metropolis

Just then, Shadow Demons attack, intent on destroying the machine.  Listening to Dr. Light, Superman rallies the heroes in defending it.  Amongst the other heroes is Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Negative Woman (more on her later).  Dr. Light proves herself, though she is still unpleasant.



In the other four universes, the Shadow Demons attack as well.  Major battles, big action scenes, lots of injuries.  We clearly see John Stewart, the Ray, Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle, the Earth 2 Superman, and of course, Firestorm and Killer Frost all engaged in these battles.

The Monitor’s Satellite / Montage

The Harbinger who summoned the Psycho Pirate returns to the others.  As one being, she marches into the Monitor’s headquarters, where he keeps tabs on all of the battles going on on all five universes.


He prepares his machines, and doesn’t appear to know that she is behind him, preparing to strike.

Suddenly, Pariah appears, assuming that he has been brought to the next universe to die. But the Monitor seems to be expecting him.  Harbinger hesitates, wondering what is happening.

All of this is cross-cut with images of the battles raging on 5 earths.


The Monitor tells Pariah that he has an important part to play in his defenses against the universal enemy, but Pariah just wants to die.  Death is denied him as a curse for his sins, he claims.  But the Monitor knows all about his sins, which involved him performing experiments on his world which had the unintended effect of waking the Monitor’s evil Anti-Matter doppelganger to the knowledge of the positive matter universe’s existence, thus setting into action the entire Crisis.  The Monitor tells Pariah that this is chance for redemption, but that he is not able to provide him with much guidance, as he is about to be betrayed.

Harbinger has been distracted by all of this, but goaded on by the darkness inside of her (she can hear the Anti-Monitor’s voice), she attacks, striking down the Monitor and killing him before his machines can be activated.


But as Harbinger strikes, her blow releases unimaginable energy from within the Monitor which feeds into his machines, and causes all five tuning forks to activate…just as the waves of Anti-Matter overwhelm all five remaining universes…


The Darkness

The Anti-Monitor rages in anger…something has prevented him from absorbing the energy from the last five positive matter universes!  Psycho Pirate is there, trying to keep out of the villain’s way.  The Flash is imprisoned nearby as well, helpless.


The Monitor’s Satellite

The backlash of what has happened has drained the Harbinger energy from within Lyla (her real name) and she is turned into a normal human being.  She and Pariah are both amazed at the realization that the positive matter multiverse still exists.  It seems that that the tuning forks did their job, which was to bring all five universes together into a sort of nether-space where it would be protected (for now) from the Anti-Monitor.

A pre-recorded message from the Monitor reveals that only a killing blow from Harbinger rupturing the Monitor’s body would have been enough to power the machines.  Her betrayal was his design, or at least something he took advantage of.


The Anti-Matter Universe, on Qward

The Anti-Monitor decides to leave his lab on his homeworld of Qward and return to his orbiting Citadel in order to understand what’s happened.  He permits Psycho Pirate to “play” with Flash while he’s gone, and Psycho Pirate begins to torture him with his emotion powers.

Earth 1 – Metropolis

In the wake of this cosmic event, the heroes guarding the Tuning Forks have all been returned to their proper earths.  Firestorm, John Stewart and Killer Frost all find themselves returned to Earth 1.  Psycho Pirate’s influence over Killer Frost is waning, and she leaves, confused.  Firestorm and John Stewart investigate, meeting up with Wonder Woman, who reveals the creation of “Warp Zones” – areas around the planet where the boundaries between parallel worlds are blurring – through which they can see some of the other heroes they were fighting alongside previously (eg. Blue Beetle, Mary Marvel).

The Monitor’s Satellite

Lyla and Pariah read the computer controls and see that the five earths are still in danger.


Left alone, they will eventually merge completely, and when they do they will be destroyed.  The merging is caused by energy from the Anti-Matter universe, and so only by stopping this at the source can they save the earth. But how can they get there?  Lyla realizes that Pariah is the key:  his traveling around from universe to universe have granted him a unique ability, if only he can control it.


Lyla and Pariah appear on all five earths, one at a time, recruiting a team to go and confront the Anti-Monitor.  He must be stopped, and this can only be done at his headquarter, his own satellite which orbits his native home world in the Anti-Matter universe, Qward.


The Monitor’s Satellite

Lyla and Pariah gather their strike team of heroes from five earths, including both Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Ray, Supergirl, Dr. Light and many others.  Pariah, with Lyla’s help, is able to open up a doorway to the Anti-Matter Universe and bring everyone in.

Crisis 7 f

The Anti-Matter Universe

The heroes arrive in the Anti-Matter Universe, to the huge orbiting fortress of the Anti-Monitor, and begin to make their way inside.

The Anti-Monitor is deep within his Fortress (it’s from here that he travels from Universe to Universe, striking each with Anti-Matter and absorbing their energy).  He communicates to the planet below, where his machines are built, and where he keeps Psycho Pirate and the imprisoned Flash. He instructs Psycho Pirate that it was in anticipation of this battle that he has brought him as part of his team.  He boosts Psycho Pirate’s power and allows him to emotionally manipulate all the heroes from a distance.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 8d

The heroes, who are fighting living stone creatures that fill the Anti-Monitor’s fortress, suddenly find themselves overwhelmed by fear.  Various ones rage against it, but struggle.

Crisis 7 g

Amongst those who overcome and push through are Superman (Earth 1) and Dr. Light.  But Superman is taken off guard by the Anti-Monitor and brutally beaten.

On Qward, the Flash sees all this as well as the boasting Psycho Pirate.  Having slowly regained his strength after ages of torture, the Flash breaks free of his trap.  He attacks and beats the Psycho Pirate senseless, removing his influence over the heroes on the Fortress.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 8 cover

Supergirl rallies herself and is able to save Superman.  Dr. Light is awed by Supergirl’s heroics and inspired to become a better person.

Crisis 7 i

Supergirl destroys the Anti-Monitor’s exo-skeleton, but is killed in the ensuing battle.

Crisis 7 k

The Anti-Monitor flees, his fortress about to be destroyed.  The heroes have to retreat, taken advantage of a portal from Pariah to go back to the five earths, and taking Supergirl’s dead body with them.


On Qward, the injured Anti-Monitor arrives, seeking to rebuild his outer body, and ordering the completion of his Anti-Matter cannon, which is his backup plan to destroy the Positive Matter Universe.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 8a

Much more crude than the Anti-Matter generators that were on his ship, and leaving him unable to absorb the energy from the last five universes, the Anti-Monitor no longer cares, he just wants those universe destroyed.

But he hasn’t counted on the Flash.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 8f

The Flash grabs Psycho Pirate, and forces him to use his powers against the Anti-Monitor’s elite guards, the Thunderers of Qward, causing them to attack their master.  Thus distracted, the Flash knocks Psycho Pirate out and investigates the Cannon.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 8e

Finding it’s firing sequence already activated, the Flash has no choice but to disrupt the Anti-Matter by racing through the Cannon itself, destroying it but ultimately sacrificing himself, leaving nothing behind but his empty uniform.


Earth 1

Superman cradles the dead Supergirl, with everyone else scared to talk to him.  Finally, Wonder Woman and Batman approach, offering words of comfort.

The Anti-Matter Universe

Similarly, the Anti-Monitor leans over, dealing with his own defeat, though surrounded by the dead bodies of his Thunderers.  He gets up and begins to absorb energy from his own universe, in order to power his final gambit: a trip to the beginning of time to change everything.  He absorbs the entire universe, except for the twin suns of Qward and their planets, and then disappears back in time.

Earth 1

After Supergirl’s funeral, some villains suddenly attack Metropolis.  Superman is enraged, and jumps into the fight.  But suddenly it’s interrupted, by the Spectre, who claim that the Crisis is at its worst point with their enemy making his most daring move yet, and that every hero is needed for the response.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 10-4

Later, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, is sitting in his home, studying, and not using his powers because of a condition which is causing his own speed to kill him.  Superman from Earth 2 shows up to recruit him to their cause–they need his speed, especially because the Flash is still missing.

Later, a huge version of the Cosmic Treadmill is built, with the plan being that Kid Flash will help to activate it to send everyone to the Dawn of Time.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 9e

The Spectre shares about the Monitor and Anti-Monitor’s origins, and how the Anti-Monitor’s original actions caused feedback that went back in time and split the universe into the multiverse.  Now, the Anti-Monitor is looking at changing what happened, using that energy instead to destroy the Positive Matter universe before it ever exists.

Superman of Earth 2 farewells his wife, Lois Lane, both of them feeling the heaviness of what is about to happen.  This farewell is witnessed by the Spectre.


Kid Flash activates the Cosmic Treadmill, and the Spectre guides every hero ever to the Dawn of Time.

The Dawn of Time

The Anti-Monitor is waiting for them, though, and attempts to absorb all the hero’s powers to allow him to destroy the Positive Matter Universe.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 10-8

Crisis on Infinite Earths 10-9

But the Spectre appears, and confronts him in a mighty battle that causes the universe to blink out of existence…

Crisis on Infinite Earths 10-11


The One Earth

After a moment of blackness, Superman (of Earth 2) wakes up in bed, confused.  He doesn’t really remember what’s been going on, but gets dressed as Clark Kent and attempts to go to work.  However, he quickly discovers that he is not in his home–the Daily Star doesn’t exist, and the people at the Daily Planet newspaper don’t know him as their editor.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 11-1

Superman of Earth 1 catches up with him and the two take to the skies.  They quickly realize that the earth they are on is a “reformed” earth:  it’s the earth as it would have been if it had never been split into the multiverse.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 11-2

Thus there are lots of parts of the individual earths which no longer exist.  Everyone who was at the Dawn of Time is still there, but they are out of place, nobody knows them.  Meanwhile, other heroes like Superman, Batman, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, the Ray…all exist, as if they had always existed on one earth together.

Superman of Earth 2 is horrified, this means that his Lois doesn’t exist either, and that he is alone in the universe.  He is overwhelmed, and on the verge of losing control when the Crisis begins again, and the whole earth shudders, the sky growing black.  Panic is setting in when the darkness in the sky splits open, and becomes legions of Shadow Demons that spread across the earth, attacking and killing indiscriminately.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.3

Heroes rise to the defense, but the odds are overwhelming.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.14

Suddenly, Harbinger appears again, pulling heroes away from the battle into a final strike force to defeat the Anti-Monitor.  She reveals that Earth has been moved to the Anti-Matter universe in order to destroy it.

People wonder how Harbinger has her powers back and she explains that that is a side effect of history changing and the earth reforming. She has pulled Superman of Earth 1, Superman of Earth 2, Firestorm, Dr. Light, Negative Woman, and other energy using heroes (mostly).

Everyone gathers by the body of the Spectre, who has been found comatose.  Pariah is able to use the energy from the Spectre to open up a grand portal to Qward, and the strike team passes through.  Kid Flash joins at the last minute.


On Qward, they first find the Psycho Pirate, insanely talking to the Flash’s empty costume as if the Flash was still there.  Kid Flash breaks down, realizing that his uncle Barry Allen is actually dead.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.4

The group then find the Anti-Monitor.  He rages at them, frustrated how universe after universe fell before him until he came to these final 5, they alone have made all his other victories meaningless.  But now he will finally be rid of the Positive Matter universe once and for all.  All the energy users begin to strike, while Harbinger guides Dr. Light – this is the moment she was created for.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.8

Qward has twin suns, and Dr. Light is called upon to drain all the power from one of them, which she does at great effort.  This weakens the Anti-Monitor a bit (since his power is drawn from his universe), which then Harbinger capitalizes upon by giving a great blast of anti-energy.  In the Anti-Monitor’s attacks back, Kid Flash is injured by a blast.


Meanwhile, on earth, Green Lantern John Stewart is able to use his ring to herd the Shadow Demons to one geographic area of the earth, where Wonder Woman leads the battle against them.



Meanwhile, Negative Woman surrounds the Anti-Monitor with her anti-energy touch, burning him.  Dr. Light then unleashes the stellar energy of the sun on the Anti-Monitor, downing him.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.7

Pariah shifts his portal so that the earth is able to pass through back into the Positive Matter universe, and then calls the heroes to pass through as well before his energy drains and the portal closes.  But the Anti-Monitor awakes and draws the Shadow Demons to him in order to restrengthen his body.


This ends the battle on earth, but not before Wonder Woman, in a truly awesome fight scene, is ultimately overwhelmed and apparently destroyed by the Shadow Demons.


The Shadow Demons approach Qward and begin to re-energize the Anti-Monitor.  Professor Stein (of Firestorm) sees an opportunity and with the help of Superman (and his microscopic vision) and Martian Manhunter (and his telepathy) is able to guide Firestorm in adjusting the Shadow Demon’s atomic structure, causing them to poison the Anti-Monitor and further weaken him.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.9

The two Supermen then work together to deliver the killing blow, sending the Anti-Monitor into the heart of Qward’s other sun.  But Superman of Earth 1 (and of the new Reformed Earth) is knocked unconscious.

Pariah is unable to sustain the portal to the Positive Matter universe much longer, and the heroes make their retreat, with Superman carrying his unconscious doppelganger.  Firestorm brings the injured Kid Flash and the Psycho Pirate through, and the other heroes all make their way out.

However, the Anti-Monitor still lives, and makes one final return as a flaming ball of energy.


Superman of Earth 2 throws the other Superman and Harbinger (the last heroes with him) and the portal closes, leaving Pariah on the earth-side, unable to get back.

Superman of Earth 2 now fights alone, or so he thinks.  The Spectre is there with him, or at least his spirit, as his body is still comatose on earth.  He attacks the Anti-Monitor enough for Superman to deliver the killing blow, destroying him once and for all!

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.10

However, this sets off a chain reaction that destroys Qward and its remaining sun, and will soon spread out and destroy the rest of the Anti-Matter Universe.

Superman resigns himself to his fate, but the Spectre reveals that there is still hope.  He cannot take him back to the Positive Matter universe, but he can take him to another realm, one unknown to ordinary mortals.   Superman doesn’t want to go, feeling that his life will have no meaning, but Spectre reveals that he saved Lois from non-existence before they traveled to the Dawn of Time.  She’s waiting for him.  Superman goes, and is reunited with Lois.



The Crisis is over, the Spectre wakes up and leaves,  and we see various epilogues.

Heroes who now live on a reformed earth (eg. Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Mary Marvel) all help to rebuild together.

On Paradise Island, Wonder Woman is mourned, but it’s revealed that she didn’t die, so much as devolve into the clay from which she was formed, and will live again.

Wally West discovers that the condition which was killing him has gone into remission, and he agrees to take his Uncle’s place and become the new Flash.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.11

Psycho Pirate is confined to a mental asylum, where he babbles about the multiple universes which used to exist.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.13

Harbinger and Pariah, now implied to have found love with each other, agree to explore the new reformed universe together, according to the values and ethos of the Monitor.

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12.12

The End!

Well, there you go!  What do you think?  Pretty awesome, eh?  Pretty long, I guess.  And maybe a bit clunky.  But I’d shell out to see it in the theatre!

For those who are familiar with the comic, you’ll note that I cut out a lot, including Alexander Luthor, Lady Quark, Darkseid, Braniac, Lex Luthor, Psimon, the entire villain war, the fact that Earth S, X & 4 were saved separately from Earth’s 1 & 2, and a lot of the details about the initial group of summoned characters and the tuning forks.  I basically cut out the entirety of #’s 5, 6 & 9.

On the other hand, I gave increased roles to Pariah and the Spectre, and used Psycho Pirate during the assault on the Anti-Monitor’s citadel, which is what the characters said he was intended for, rather than using him to turn three Earths against the other two.  I also tried to make Wonder Woman’s death more meaningful than it was in the original series.  So, big changes, but all made in an attempt to give the story some coherent structure.  I still have four massive set pieces in the story (the Tuning Forks, the Citadel assault, the Dawn of Time and the Climax) but I’m hoping in a world that gave us The Dark Knight, we can live with that.

Oh, I’m supposed to come up with a cast, which is something I sort of struggle with, but I’ve done it.  My internal rule was that I could use any actor from any point in their career, as long as 1) it was from 1986 or later – a bit arbitrary, but chosen because that’s when Crisis finished being published and 2) the actor is still alive today.  So here goes–some of these I feel better about than others, but whatever:

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Cast

Monitor / Anti-Monitor – Jason Isaacs (I was impressed by him from Star Trek Discovery)
Superman of Earth 2 – Dennis Quaid(From about 10 years ago, if we make him sound a bit less “city”)
Harbinger – Julianne Moore(From the early/mid 1990’s, eg. The Fugitive)
Pariah – StephenLobo(Kellog from Continuum)
Firestorm – Jared Abrahamson(Trevor on Travelers)
Superman of Earth 1 – Tyler Hoechlin(TV’s most recent, and maybe best, Superman)
Firestorm – Jared Abrahamson(Trevor on Travelers)
Supergirl – Keri Russell(From 2006, when she was Lindsey Ferris in Mission Impossible III)
Dr. Light – Yôko Maki(Ito from Summer Time Machine Blues, looking about ten years older than she did in that movie.)
The Flash – Armie Hammer(Maybe he’s a bit too big of a guy?  Otherwise I think it could work.
Psycho Pirate – Jim Carrey
Kid Flash – Grant Gustin(Albeit with orangey-blond hair)
The Spectre – Peter Capaldi(We need someone who can yell things like “I dare, cruel one!” and make it convincing)
Killer Frost – Emma Stone
John Stewart – Michael B. Jordan(Why not?)
Batman – Christian Bale
Wonder Woman – Jaimie Alexander(I like Gal Gadot but I think Jaimie Alexander looks a lot like the character in the comics)
The Joker – Jared Leto(Just so we can see him get beat up)
Professor Martin Stein – Tom Cavanaugh
Blue Beetle – Andrew Garfield
Firebrand – Karen Gillan
The Ray – Chris Evans(Let’s get him into every comic adaptation we can!)
Evil Dr. Light – Steve Buscemi
Lois Lane of Earth 2 – Winona Ryder
Alfred – Peter Davison
Mary Marvel – Morgan Freeman(Because it doesn’t matter if the actor is black or white, male or female, tall or short, as long as they are best actor for the role. And who is going to argue that Morgan Freeman isn’t a great actor?)

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