Jurassic Avenger – a Movie Pitch

So, I just recently re-watched Jurassic World, and of course we’re all at least mildly curious about the next film coming out in the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  But just recently an idea occurred to me for the future of the Jurassic saga that is perfectly set up by the most recent film to be released, it’s hard to imagine this isn’t where they are going.

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So, remember the conclusion of Jurassic World?  In an oft-mocked moment, Claire decides to lure the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the first movie (apparently) toward a battle that is taking place with the Indominus Rex, while wearing high heels.  Her choice of footwear aside, Claire is successful and Rexy and Blue (the one surviving Velociraptor) team up and defeat the Indominus, with help of the gargantuan perpetually hungry Mosasaurus that leaves nearby in the pool.  Having bonded in the heat of battle, Rexy bids Blue farewell (rather than trying to eat him), and then lets out a triumphant roar!

So…what does remind you of?  A beleaguered warrior with a troubled past learns to use her great power to best a powerful enemy in combat, making friends along with the way and ultimately finding a new purpose…

That’s right, we’re talking the perfect Superhero Origin Story

I don’t know where it’s all going in Fallen Kingdom, but for sure I’d suggest that once the inevitable Jurassic World trilogy is complete, the franchise goes forward with a new series in which Rexy is fully cemented into the position that the storytellers have always wanted her to be:  a full-blown superhero.  We saw her save the humans from velociraptors in Jurassic Park, we saw her save the humans from the Indominus in Jurassic World, we see her saving humans from some other dinosaur in the Fallen Kingdom trailer…now it’s time to make saving these humans a full-time occupation.

And the trouble with humans is they’re always getting themselves into trouble, ‘specially as long as they keep cooking up these monstrous dinosaurs!

Rexy would patrol the streets of San Diego and the islands of Central America looking for rogue dinosaurs looking to eat people or get up to other trouble.  And when she was doing this, she’d be known not as Rexy, but as

The Jurassic Avenger

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(Artwork by Joanna Shone, who, for continuity buffs, is the same friend who helped me pick the topics for my “47 Movie Blogs” series from last year.)

In her secret identity as Rexy, the Jurassic Avenger would spend her days living in the Jurassic Park Zoo in San Diego, but at night she’d slip out through a secret door behind the water trough to save the humans who had inherited the earth since the dinosaur’s extinction.  It would be a mission full of angst and guilt, which would allow for all sorts of dramatic moments, as Jurassic Avenger would often despair of whether humans were worth saving or not, and whether she could overcome her own dark impulses to eat them all herself. It’d be a little like watching Arrow.

Joining her on this quest would be Blue, the surviving velociraptor from Jurassic World, who would serve as her costumed sidekick, also known as Blue.  The only human who would know her secret would be young Gray Mitchell (the younger boy from Jurassic World), who would in equal parts help out and need saving.  He’d always be tempted to tell the truth to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt’s character) but for undisclosed reasons, Rexy and Blue would say that Owen “can never know the truth.”  Ian Malcolm would always be hovering around the fringes, concerned that life had found a way after all, and in the end it’d be revealed that Tim Hammond (the boy from the first movie) was the big bad.

After that, the sky would be the limit.  Sequels could include Jurassic Avenger 2:  This Time With Transformers and Jurassic Avenger 3:  The Legion of Kids Who Survived Jurassic Movies, in which Tim Hammond tricks Zack Mitchell, Kelly Malcolm, Eric Kirby and his own sister Lexie into forming a special ops team tasked with taking down Jurassic Avenger and Blue.

(Incidentally, upon further discussion with my daughters, we decided that there could also be one of those Compsognathus in the sequels–you know, those little chicken-like things from Jurassic Park 2–that would befriend our heroes and be the child-friendly comic-relief, like Slimer from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  It’d be named Pinky and would fancy itself Blue’s sidekick.  Probably this would not be in the movies but in the animated cartoon spinoff).

Come on, Amblin Entertainment & Legendary Pictures…make it happen!


One thought on “Jurassic Avenger – a Movie Pitch

  1. We all like to have our own movie pitches and particularly in response to the state of most movies today. So thanks, Ben, for your share of ideas and encouragement. 🦖

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