A Legion of Nerdy Mugs

So, it turns out that I have a number of hobbies and interests that some might consider to be, how shall we put this, a bit “nerdy”: for example, comic books or science fiction TV or mystery games, etc.

And it turns out that like many people with nerdy interests, I have a birthday.  One that I celebrate every year, often with presents.  Plus Christmas.

And I think sometimes people aren’t sure what to get me, even though I–like all people with a hobby–think I’m a pretty easy person to shop for (“Just get The Flash by Geoff Johns, vol. 3 or Showcase Presents The Unknown Soldier vol 2 or a Doctor Who DVD, but not the new series, cuz I watch that on iTunes or Netflix–c’mon, it’s so obvious!”)

Anyway, the result of this confluence of circumstances is that over the years, I have received  a lot of mugs.  A lot of nerdy mugs. Even…a Legion of nerdy mugs!

Mugs Legion
My favorite comic series, the Legion of Super-Heroes, started with only three members, so six definitely counts

The nerd-content of my mugs doesn’t necessarily reflect the priorities of my own personal brand of nerdiness.  We’ve got three Star Wars mugs, two Superman ones, and one Doctor Who.  If we were to actually extrapolate all of my interests and distill them down to six mugs, I guess you should probably have something like two Doctor Who‘s, two comic related (with one being Superman), and maybe one Star Trek and one Star Wars.  Or maybe instead of Star Wars you’d have a Tron mug.  Yeah!  A Tron mug where everyone’s circuitry glows as you put a hot drink in the mug, that’d be cool!

Anyway, the reality is that although I think they are fun, I don’t actually use these mugs that much.  It’s only relatively recently that I’ve begun to really foster my addiction to coffee (an endeavor which is proceeding nicely) but even then, I’m usually drinking out of some sort of travel mug.  But occasionally when I’m at home, I’ll indulge in one of these guys, or use one to serve my nerd-appreciating guests a hot drink of their own.  And my youngest daughter likes to arrange them, so they often get displayed a bit more prominently in our kitchen then my wife would prefer.

Mug Legion Lineup
You don’t want to run into these guys in a dark alley

Once my daughter and her friend made “brownies-in-a-cup”, and mine was in the Stormtrooper mug.  That was a mistake, because that thing is actually shaped like a stormtrooper and it took ages to get all the brownie out of all the nooks and crannies.

In imagining the fanciful idea that my cups were not just a random collection, but an actual legion, I have to say that there is something a bit unsatisfying about the idea of there being precisely six mugs.  The number just doesn’t have the same satisfying ring to it that you get with seven.  So I found another mug in our collection that I could add to it.

Mug Ben
It captures my essence
Mug Liesbeth
Looks just like her!

As you can see, it’s actually a two-sided mug, with “pictures” of both my wife and I, one on each side.

So now, the Legion of Nerdy Mugs actually includes me (and my wife, sharing one mug…kind of like the comic book Thriller–man, talk about obscure nerdiness!) Anyway, seven is a far more satisfying team size, I think.  I can imagine myself as the team leader, sitting in my special chair at our HQ, masterminding plans and sending out my agents on special missions.  And a strange team it is:  two versions of Superman, R2D2, C-3PO, a Stormtrooper, and the TARDIS (maybe in its Idris form from The Doctor’s Wife). 

Mug Team
Let evil beware!

Anyway, after I took all these pictures, but before I wrote up this post, I flew halfway across the country to visit my in-laws for our annual family holiday.  And it turns that there I actually had waiting for me a seventh nerdy mug waiting for me.  And properly nerdy, at that–it’s a Dalek from Doctor Who.  And not just a Dalek, but a Dalek who changes color when you fill the mug with something hot.

Mug Doctor Who Dalek
Daleks only drink Expressi Abruzzo 12!  Exterminate!

I guess the Dalek could be the rogue hothead in our team, like the Wolverine of the group:  tough, but you never know when he’s going to fly off the handle at one of his teammates.

So, that’s it, really.  There’s no deeper meaning to all of this, except that I did want to share something funny that came along with it all.  When I received one of the mugs, it came with a funny extra, which was this small tag:

Mug Note

And when you go and have a look at these Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild people, they have some pretty funny stuff, and the instructional video that they mention, is particularly hilarious.  I’ll leave you with it.  I got a big kick out of it, and hope you do too.

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