The Hanna Jo Stories – Episode Ten

So, it’s been a ridiculous three and a half years since I published The Hanna Jo Stories Episode Nine, but finally, here is Episode Ten.  The Hanna Jo Stories is the audio drama that I produce with and for my children, based on stories I told them when they were really small.  They are not so small anymore, but they still enjoy them.

One of the biggest problems we’ve had is the way that people in our transient community come and go, including cast members for our series.  As a result we’ve had to say goodbye to not one, not two, but three lead actresses!  To address this, I decided that the next time I recorded the show, I’d do four episodes back-to-back (or back-to-back-to-back-to-back), to ensure that I’d keep my cast for the whole “season”.  This turned out to be a good idea as the new lead actress also left soon after her recordings were complete.  But it turned out to cause other problems, since it’s taken me forever to even get one episode finished.

But I have, and now it’s time to share it.  And my children are not even completely grown up yet!  No telling when the second one (Episode Eleven) will be ready.

Here we go…

• Written by Ben McClure

• Sound Effects
Laser Machine Gun Sound | License:  Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig | File
Bunker Buster Missile Sound | License:  Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig | File

Notes:  The Hanna Jo Stories has always taken a bit of inspiration from Doctor Who (friendly traveler with a variety of companions going from world to world, helping people).  That only increased when I started developing in-story reasons for the main character being portrayed by a parade of actresses.  But this story takes the cake, as the plot is actually based on a an idea for a Doctor Who story that I had a long time ago, but which would never be realistic:  what if the Doctor regenerated, but neither the characters nor the audience knew what he looked like?  It’s not a very realistic premise for the actual Doctor Who series to every pull off, but it formed the basis of this episode of Hanna Jo.

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