Thoughts on Movie Spoilers

So, I’m writing my latest entry in the “47 Movie Blogs” series and I come across a topic which will have some spoilers associated with it.  I feel bad because in my effort to recommend a movie for a certain quality, I might be spoiling something about the experience, thereby negating the advantage of that quality. 

A solution occurs to me, and that’s to create this list, and to regular update it, of films that I’d really recommend not reading too much about until you’ve had a chance to see them.

Now, you could spoil almost any movie if you wanted to.  Most movies have got at least something surprising in them, or attempt to.  But for many, that effort is not really serious.  Because of the movie’s genre, we expect the couple to get together or the hero to not really be dead, that sort of thing.

Gasp, you mean Harry and Sally are able to realize how much they love each other?

Gasp, you mean Superman is able to ultimately defeat General Zod??!

In other cases, there are spoilers, but they come from movies so old or so popular that they don’t really count anymore.

Gasp, you mean that they were on earth all along??!

Gasp, you mean Darth Vader is really–(arg, I can’t bring myself to write it down, just in case)

And in some cases, the movies that the surprise twist is contained in are of a particular classic sort that having the surprise spoiled doesn’t really change the experience of the movie at all.  In fact, it sort of enhances it because it means we can get past the idea of a “plot twist” and just get on to appreciating how amazing the work actually is.

Gasp, Rosebud is a sled??!

Gasp, Harry Lime is alive??!

And finally, there are big spoilers for films that I just don’t care for that much.  So if they get spoiled, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Gasp, you mean…(ok, I won’t put anything here, just so I won’t be a jerk about a movie just because I don’t really like it)

But in some cases, I really like the film and having the plot’s twists and turns revealed in advance genuinely diminishes the experience of watching it.  In other cases the film is hit or miss, but the surprise reveal is worth it and it’d be a shame to miss out on it.  If something like that is true, then the film goes on this list.

In other words:

Before you let yourself be spoiled, you should probably try to see…

Birdy (1984)

Coherence (2013)

The Forgotten (2004)

The Game (1997)

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

Sleuth (1972)

more to be added as I think of them.

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