47 Days of Doctor Who–Day #31: Favorite Doctor

Welcome to Day 31 of my 47-day series about the revival version of Doctor Who (2005-present). I’ve come up with 47 topics / questions to answer, all of them basically positive and upbeat about the program. Each day (or as often as I can actually write these–so far so good!) I’ll pick one of them at random (using this convenient random number generator) and then write up an answer.

Why 47? It’s my favorite number.
Why Doctor Who? It’s my favorite show.
Why the modern day Doctor Who only? Simply because I remember it better.
Why only positive stuff? Because really, I write enough snark.

So, today, we spin the Random Number Generator, and it lands on 6, which means
today’s topic is

“Favorite Doctor”

I guess this is one of the big ones (bigger than say, “Favorite Time-Lord Trick I’d Like to Learn”) but it’s also one of the easy ones for me.

My usual go-to answer for this question is that I like all of the Doctors, and I usually focus on the fact that though I may enjoy some Doctors more than others, I enjoy most of all the fact that there are multiple Doctors.  The recurring change of the leading man of the series is really one of the highlights of the series.

That said, when push comes to shove, I do have a favorite Doctor, certainly from amongst those who have featured in the revival series.

Matt Smith – the 11th Doctor

I was a fan of David Tennant, just like anyone.  And as I watched the drawn out farewell that he had in The End of Time, I really felt like I was going to miss him.  And when he plaintively spoke out his final words, “I don’t want to go,” I agreed with him.

But then The Eleventh Hour came along, and Matt Smith popped his head out of the crashed TARDIS and asked a confused young girl if he could have an apple.  And very quickly, David Tennant became a fond memory.

Through his three seasons in the role, Matt Smith brought me along with the Doctor in a way I hadn’t experienced before.  I appreciated his sad loneliness, his humor, his giddy childlikeness, his confident swagger and his deep vulnerability, all realized in a highly detailed and engaging performance.

I’ve enjoyed Peter Capaldi a lot since Smith left, as I enjoyed David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston before him.  But thus far I haven’t been captured by anyone in the same way that I was Doctor #11.

Click here for a master list for this series.


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