Where and When in the World is Dr. Sam Beckett?

This page is a record of all the times and places that Dr. Sam Beckett has been to in his five seasons of televised time-travel adventures on Quantum Leap.   I’ll be updating it as I continue to make my way through the series.

What’s the closest that you’ve ever come to running into Sam Beckett on his adventures?


April 14-15 – New York City, NY
Who:  Nick Allen, a private detective  [Play It Again, Seymour]


August 8 – 10 – Red Dog, Alabama
Who:  Jesse Tyler, a chauffeur  [The Color of Truth]


August 5 – 12 – Riata ranch and surrounds, Texas
Who:  Daniel “Doc” Young, a vet  [How the Tess Was Won]

September 13 – 17 – Edwards Air Force Base in Blokefield, California
Who:  Captain Tom Stratton, pilot in the United States Air Force  [Genesis]


Unknown – Somewhere in the suburbs
Who:  An unnamed fireman [Honeymoon Express]


April 27 – 28 – A train in New York, on the way to Niagara Falls, and then in Niagara Falls itself
Who:  Tom McBride, a New York police officer on his honeymoon  [Honeymoon Express]


June 6 – 8 & beyond – Los Angeles, California
Who:  Cam Wilson, a high school student  [Camicazi Kid]


November 8-9 – New York City (South Brooklyn, in particular), New York
Who:  Francesco “Frankie” La Palma  [Genesis]


One summer evening – Waco, Texas
Who:  Tim Fox, minor league baseball player  [Genesis]


June 15-17th – Lawrence College in Marion, Ohio
June 17th – Drives to Washington DC, to the Watergate hotel
Who:  Gerald R. Bryant, an English professor  [Star-Crossed]


October 24 – October 29 – Sacramento, California
Who:  Clarence “Kid” Cody, a boxer  [The Right Hand of God]


April 1 – April 4 (at least, probably more like April 6 or 7) – Burbank, California
Who:  Who:  Chad Stone, a stuntman  [Disco Inferno]


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