Again with the hands: Funny Things My Daughter Says (#10)

My kids are getting a bit older so it’s less and less often that they come out with really random and funny comments.

However, recently my youngest (now 10 years old) and I were coming back from a playground and she suddenly pipes up with something like, “I wish people’s hands could come off.”


To my confusion, she goes to clarify that she means exactly what she has said:  she wishes that humans beings had hands that were detachable, so that you can remove them and set them down somewhere, and then just go on with your business.

Of course, I ask her why she should want this, and she proceeds to talk about an obstacle course she and a friend had made up at the playground:  crawling over play equipment, swinging on monkey bars, and so on.  Doing that has made her hands hurt.

But now I’m confused because clearly this activity requires hands to do.  Why would she want to take off her hands before doing an obstacle course?

Turns out Dad is all mixed up, though, because she’s actually saying she wants to take her hands off after she finished the course, so they could rest and feel better while she continues to run around and play.

Aaaah, I get it, now.  That would be nice, I suppose.

(As I am  writing this, it occurs to me that the last time I did one of these posts, it was also about this same daughter, also talking about disembodied hands!  What is this weird obsession she has?  You can read that one here.)

Anyway, the kicker to the whole conversation is that she suddenly adds at the end of it that the problem with this whole situation is that if you did this, someone might be able to steal your hands!  And then what would you do?

So in the end, I think we concluded it was probably better for things to be as they were.



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