After – a simple short film exercise

A few weeks ago, I made this short film with the media school that I lead.  It was a pretty good process.  I wrote and directed the piece, and produced it with the help of 4 experienced staff and 8 students.  Each of us on staff took on a different category of responsibility (directing, camera, lights, sound, & production design) and worked with 1 or 2 students to put the movie together.  It’s short, it’s simple, but I think it came together well and communicates fairly successfully. 




4 thoughts on “After – a simple short film exercise

  1. I liked the fluidity of the action and edits but, is it me? or is the sound really muted?

  2. No, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed–I’ll try to upload a new file with the audio boosted up sometime soon. Thanks for the comments!

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