Cheeseburgers & A Movie About Itself

So…A Movie About Itself is taking a little longer than I thought.  If you’d asked me this time last year, I’d have said for sure the movie will be finished by now.  But after I got done with the principle shooting last year, I got tired and I got busy (and I also got a little scared that the project was  to self-indulgent for anyone else to care, and also a complete waste of time.)  But lately, I’ve gotten back into the game and we’re pushing forward on all the pick-up shots and extra bits that need to happen, and hopefully it’ll be finished before too much time has past.  Soon soon soon.

A Movie About Itself

There was one scene in particular that we needed to redo.  This was funny because it was a scene I had already shot twice.  And this was even funnier because it was the scene where we are all sitting around eating fast-food cheeseburgers. And even funnier than that, because the week I did it I was supposed to be on a short-term diet.

I really was on that diet, even if it was only ten days long.  But I really needed to do that scene again.  The previous attempts were too long and dragged in their pacing pretty badly.  And the sound was an issue – you couldn’t really hear what people were saying.

So one Thursday night, I got the gang back together, picked a new location, gathered all the necessary “props” (two Quarter Pounders, 1 Double Cheeseburger, 1 regular Cheeseburger and some fries), and we went for it.  This time around, we changed the overall look of the scene (inside instead of outside, night instead of day) and sped up the pacing, and I’m pretty sure that we got what I was going for.

Of course, it’s tempting to have another go at it, because those cheeseburgers, as gross as they sort of are, are also pretty addicting.  I even got briefly tempted that I should include some sort of “eating cheeseburgers” montage into one section of the film.  But I’ve resisted that notion, for a combination of reasons that are in equal part to do with time, finances, and weight.

Anyway, here’s a look:


A Movie About Itself is coming from Blue Towel Production…real soon.


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