Waaaait a minute…(one more thing about Fantastic Four)

I know, I know, I was trying to stay positive about Fantastic Four, the recent critically panned and financially unsuccessful adaptation of Marvel’s “first family”, but there was this one thing that struck me when I was watching the film, but forgot about when I was writing about it.  I probably forgot in the face of the overwhelming flood of problems that the last act of the movie had.

Anyway, it was just this – for much of the movie they make a big deal about how environment suits are essential to survive a trip to Planet Zero.  Indeed, that’s Sue Storm’s job with the project.  Everyone who makes the first two visits to this other dimension are well rugged up in special suits.

But in the climactic sequence, the Fantastic Four (as yet unnamed) travel to Planet Zero without any special protection, and hang around, fighting, talking, breathing and whatever else, without any apparent difficulty at all.  No environment suits necessary.  Even if Ben didn’t need them for some reason, surely Reed and Sue still would?

I haven’t noticed anyone else mention it, which means maybe they actually threw out an explanation and I missed it?  Or maybe just another sign of how rushed and not thought through the conclusion of the movie was?

Oh well.  I think I have got one more Fantastic Four post in me, which is an awful lot for a movie that was so forgettable.


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