I’m Going to See Fantastic Four anyway…

Tonight, I am going to see the new Fantastic Four movie, even though I am fully aware of the avalanche of bad reviews that the movie has received.  My friend Rod (for whom the selling point of “By the studio that brought you X-Men Days of Future Past holds even less water than for most of us) and I are going.  It’s cheap night, and of course I am a predisposed to be interested in a superhero film.

And I am going to try a bit of an experiment to see if I can enjoy it anyway.  I’m thinking that if I can just focus on all of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen, with the most annoying story flaws and most glaring weaknesses, and if I squish them all up into a ball in my imagination, and go into the film with that as my expectations, maybe the film will turn out to be not all that bad.

Let’s see, let’s try In Time + A Good Day to Die Hard + Battleship + Green Lantern…that’s a pretty bad combination, right?  Maybe throw in either of the older Fantastic Four movies as well.  Come on, it can’t be as bad as all that?  Can it?

Or maybe it will be that bad.  That would be interesting as well!  Really, quite an accomplishment.

The other reason to see this movie is that I think it’ll make the 50th live action cinema-released adaptation of a comic book that I’m actually familiar with that I’ll have seen.  That’s got to be worth some sort of blog post, right?

Anyway…more later!


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