A little funny, a little creepy – Funny Things My Daughter Says (#9)

So, recently, I’m putting my kids to bed, and I’m having a funny little chat with the youngest.  She’s all of 9 years old now, but still enjoys, I think, being the youngest.

And me being me, I get a bit silly as I’m saying goodnight.  I can’t remember how this came up exactly, but somehow I come out with the joke that I might just eat her arm.  You know, a classic sort of baby-joke.

The little trickster responds, without missing a beat, that her arm might then start crawling around inside of me and crush my heart.

Crush my heart!?!

This tickles her greatly–the idea of an arm which, though eaten, would remain under her control so that it could crawl around inside me and crush my heart, and she proceeds to giggle away about it merrily.  Having clearly been bested by my 9 year old, I say good night and leave.

Mission to put settle daughter before bedtime:  Basically failed
Battle of wits with 9 year old:  Lost

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