Losing [Friday Fictioneers]

Only six months this time since my last effort, I return once again to Friday Fictioneers in an effort to provoke myself to more storytelling on this blog.  The idea is to respond to a photo prompt with a story of 100 words. I’m not sure how this one has turned out, but nonetheless it makes me sad.

Copyright – Melanie GreenwoodCopyright – Melanie Greenwood


Gail tried to take hold of the beam of light that was hanging from the sky, but of course she couldn’t. Just a reflection on the window, that’s all. Why think escape would come so easily?

She opened the door and stepped outside, straining to understand the path before her. She shivered, cold and afraid. Is this moment she steps into the abyss?

A movement behind her.

body jolts, breathing quickens, neck hair straight, heart beats

A pause.

please pleasejustdontspeak–

“Gail honey, is everything all right?”

Panic, tears, hands claw sky helpless, feet forward tripping… Desperate arms reach for her…

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