The Worst Radio State in the World – Reviewed

My audio content (Captain Strong, True Blues Retold, Hanna Jo) is all hosted on the website, a site that hosts all sorts of material which is public domain, creative commons, or the like.  I also have my randomly-developed 2.5 minute audio which samples the so-called worst radio station in the world lurking there.  Overall, even though I think my stuff is okay and I have produced a fair amount of it, it does not get a lot of attention.

But recently, someone actually posted a review of my radio station bit.  it is, as far as I know, my first such review that I have ever received.  It was by someone who goes by the handle “Happenstance Man”.  He gave me 3 (out of 5) stars.  Here is what he wrote:

Subject: Short and (thankfully) sweet.
You’ll probably forget you ever heard it an hour later, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a minute of your time. Particularly if you really are into cutlery and would long for such a show to exist in real life.

…which I suppose, is by and large complimentary.

For those who are wondering what this very minor smidge of a fuss is about, here is the audio in question:

Actually, truth be told (and here, we’re all about the truth after all), that’s the revised version, where the reviewed piece is the original.  But since the revisions just involved a slight re-timing of the radio station sting, I doubt the adjustments would have made much of a difference to Mr. Happenstance Man.


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