Short Lived “Fantastic Four” TV Series from the 60’s

Via another comic book blog, I’ve discovered something sort of extraordinary:  an example of the colossally time wasting labor of love that the internet seems to have been invented for.

Some of us have imagined things like, “Wouldn’t it have been great if there’d been a Fantastic Four tv series back in the 1960’s,” but few would have ever taken that thought as far as–

OK, actually I have never imagined anything like that.  But that’s only because I’d never seen this before…

That’s right, over at the website,, a couple of guys named Tom and Roger have put together a whole tribute to a short-lived TV series about Marvel’s first family of heroes, the Fantastic Four.  It involved a mix of well known or soon-to-be-well-known actors in both regular and guest roles, plus a host of highly regarded writers and directors working behind the scenes.  It only ran for ten episodes, but there were scripts and plans for a full season of stories.  Episodes featured all sorts of elements of the classic Fantastic Four mythology:   the Puppet Master, the Negative Zone, the Hulk, the Mole Man, and the Silver Surfer.  And of course, Dr. Doom, who for novelty’s sake is actually written as the emperor of Latveria.

Oh, it also never existed.

But like many things, it would have been cool if it had.  Tom and Roger show us how with images actors like Russell Johnson and Elizabeth Montgomery dressed up as Marvel’s first family, as well as guest stars like Bob Denver, Burgess Meredith, and Fabian (as the Sub-Mariner).

Ridiculous, right?  But so much fun.  And frankly, I’d trade the two Jessica Alba-movies for this in a second.

ADDENDUM:  Seems like the website above no longer exists in its old form.  I still found a short write-up about the project here, that would give you at least some idea of what it was all about.


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