15 Life Hacks to Add a Spring to Your Step and a Shine to Your Day

We all just want to get through life a little easier, don’t we? But how are we going to do it?

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Well, as the post-title says, here are 15 life hacks that are going to get you through those rough moments just a little bit more easily.  Try ’em out, and let us know they work for you.




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1. Easy Earplugs


Life too noisy? But no earplugs in reach? Simple! Just grab a slice of bread – almost any kind will do, but the whiter the better in this case, cut off the crusts, and wad up what remains. Instant earplugs!


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2. Do it yourself fertilizer


Old rolled up newspapers will eventually decompose into wood pulp and make a fine fertilizer for your garden.  It may take several thousand years, but in the long run it’ll save money and it’s better for the environment.  Better living through doing it yourself!


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3. Don’t eschew the “lesser” super powers


Sure, you may think that given the choice, you’d rather have the ability to shoot lightning bolts or to fly though space unaided.  And you may say “Poo poo!” to extra-normal abilities such as the ability to eat anything, or the ability to split yourself into three people.  But really, in a world that’s not filled with super-villains and aliens (also known as “the real world”), what’s going to come in more handy? Shooting fireballs, or walking through walls? If you sacrifice the hoopla of a glitzy super-power, you may find it saving a lot of time later. And this leads right into our next one…


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4. Forgot those keys again?


Next time you lock yourself out of your house, don’t fret and stress about what to do.  Don’t spend all afternoon trying to get those locked windows open, or trying to slip down the chimney.  Instead, simply lower your body density and walk harmlessly through the walls. Very rarely does anyone report negative side effects of such a maneuver, and it will save you hours of comfort eating worth of stress.


5- koratmember

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5. Or looking for another way in?


Another way to deal with that pesky locked door, is just to train your cat to get the keys and pass them through the mail slot.  A bit more time invested up front will pay off big dividends in the long run.


6 - Boians Cho Joo Young

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6. Hungry?


A little known fact is that if you take your universal TV remote and you press up > left > left > 4 > 2 > 7 > Off > On > TV / AV > Right > Down > Down > Up > Left > Right > Left > Right > 9 >Right > Left, then a mythical elf-like creature will emerge from your TV and offer you a choice between ancient secrets or several different types of tacos.  Choose the tacos.  Voila!  Hunger solved.


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7. Keep cool!


Difficulty dealing with those hot summer nights?  Simply stick your waterbed in your walk-in freezer for about 14 hours. Guaranteed chills all night long. This usually times out well if you do this first thing in the morning, when you get up.


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8. Influence the Masses


Poke around online, find articles that support your opinions about hot political and social topics, and then share them on Facebook whilst simultaneously insulting opposing views.  Do this often and consistently – every day, if possible.  People will automatically like you better, and many will change their minds and agree with you.  BamMasses influenced.


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9. Turn off the TV…


There is so much content out there – TV shows, movies, and so on. Who can keep up with it all? Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, you don’t need to. Many TV shows now have pages on a website that’s called “Wikipedia” (you can find it here) in which they offer short descriptions of individual episodes of TV shows. For example, on the page for Season Two Quantum Leap (here), you can read the descriptions of each 45 minute episode in about 15 seconds. At that rate, you could familiarize yourself with the whole series in less than half an hour (depending on your internet speed), instead of the roughly 70+ hours it’d normally take you to watch the show.  That means you’d be saving nearly three days of time to devote to other, more important things, like reading.


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10. And speaking of reading…


It today’s hectic and fast-paced world, many of us have difficulty finding time to finish those books we start, whether for work, pleasure, or study. Well, a simple method for cutting down that reading time by up to 50% is one that I’ve recently heard about, and that’s to ready only the even numbered pages of any book.  You’ll still get the gist of what’s happening, and you’ll be done in half the time.


12 - Janaka DharmasenaImage courtesy of Janaka Dharmasena / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


12. Get ahead


And for expediency’s sake, we will all be skipping the number “11” for everything, from now on. In elevators, calendars, clocks, lists, birthdays, mathematics – if we can all get on board with this campaign, it’s going to help us all get ahead faster!  No more eleven!


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 13. It could make all the difference


If there’s an emergency in the kitchen, then an electric frying pan and two lint brushes can be easily cobbled together to form a portable defibrillator.

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14. Not as big a deal as you think


A lot of us can waste a lot of time stressing when we have to fight an enemy more powerful than you. But I’m here to tell you…don’t worry! Like Batman, you can defeat anyone if you have adequate preparation time.  All you have to do is cleverly discern their weaknesses. Are they a sucker for chocolate, or redheads, or country music?  Than boom–you got ’em!

For example, let’s say you are up against a powerful enemy who happens to have a deathly allergy to water. All you have to do lure him someplace where you can throw a bucket of water on him, and boom!  You’ve defeated your enemy thanks to smart preparation. Or what if you’re up against a powerful enemy who has got a particular vulnerability to smoke?  Just make sure you have some wet leaves in a fire pit when you have your confrontation, and boom! You’ll come out on top! Or how about if you’re facing a foe who is especially allergic to coal dust?  Then just bring 50 gallon bucket of coal dust to your encounter, and push him in it, and boom-shaka-laka!  Bob’s your uncle!

Life, consider yourself hacked, thanks to good preparation!


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15. Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated


This holiday season, if you are hard-pressed for the cash to pick up a Christmas tree, it’s easy to mock one up with simple household items.  First, take your ordinary household mop or broom, and then add some green construction paper, cut out into a cone shape.  Thread some packing foam onto dental floss and tie the paper to the mop.  Then crumple up some (so called) tin foil and attach it with some fish hooks (7.1’s or 7.3’s should do the trick).  The end result is a Christmas tree that you will always remember, has barely cost you a thing, and that you can use again and again.

And in the absence of an angel for the top, a petrified pigeon should serve nicely.


What little tips and tricks have you learned for making life that little bit easier?  Share them in the comments in below, and help make everyone’s lives just that micro-smidgen better.




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