That’s a Wrap!

Or at least, I hope so.

No doubt there will be pick ups here or there, but after 7 months, it’s good to finally have the primary filming for A Movie About Itself all finished up.

This movie, which purports to be a documentary which examines its own creation, was conceived of over a decade ago, but didn’t finally go in front of the camera until this past February.  It was almost completed back in June, but various scheduling snafus made it so that I just couldn’t pull together before all of the key people (including myself) were traveling and unavailable.

But yesterday, it all came together.

It almost didn’t, when my friend Rod had a conflict come up.  Fortunately I was able to push everyone back a couple of hours.  Even then, a head-on collision kept Rod from getting there on time.  (That’s poorly stated – Rod was not in a head-on collision.  He was simply stuck in traffic that was caused by one).

One of the sequences we shot was actually made up of 13 different short scenes.  In between each, all four actors had to change their clothes, and the shot that we had just completed had to be removed from the camera, put onto a flash drive, and then transferred onto another computer.  That shot then had to be imported and cued up, and the new shot lined up and rehearsed.  This turned out to be a tedious and arduous process, but we got through it, thankfully.  I guess it worked, because the vibe I was going for from the actors was “tired and bored”, and I don’t think anyone had much difficulty letting that motivation shine through.

The things we go through to get ahead in the world of independent low-budget self-referential cinema.

Anyway, post-production has already begun to some degree, but now it’s time to really get into it.

Here’s a moment from yesterday:

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