These are a few of my favorite things…

Normally I’m not one for re-sharing potential memes, but this one caught my attention in a way that few do…

From the “They Might Be Giants” Facebook Page

You see, it’s got three of my favorite (superficially so, anyway) things in it.

Doctor Who…for years my favorite TV show

Star Trek…for even longer, one of my favorite science fiction franchises

and They Might Be Giant…one of my favorite indie-alternative rock bands…

Maybe that requires some explanation.

This blog is full of stuff about TV shows and movie and comics, but not so much about music.  It’s not because I don’t like music…I do!  (Just wait until I get around to posting my early subversive silent comedy Shoot the Piano Player Dead and then seek out all the hidden meaning that you can find in it to see how much I like music).  But I don’t “geek out” on it in the same way that I do some of this other stuff.

The exception to this is the Beatles, who I know a fair amount about.  Indeed, the Beatles are one of the few bands that I can in fact even name all of the members of.  The other one is Kiss, even though I couldn’t name a single one of their songs.  A childhood friend had a “Kiss” lunchbox and told me all of their names, and for some reason, I’ve never forgotten.  Beyond that, I can’t think of any band that I can name all of the members of.  (I could get close with Duran Duran but that’s just because they all the same last name).

One band that I enjoy, even though I can’t name all of them (all the more embarrassing since there are only two of them, I believe) is They Might Be Giants.  I don’t recall exactly how I first came into contact with them (probably some degenerate friend at college), but somewhere along the way I came into possession of their album Flood, and I really enjoyed the act’s combination of catchy melodies and “What the heck–?” lyrics.  My favorite example might be a song called We Want a Rock which contains the line, “Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads.”  (If you happen to know some hidden level of dark meaning in that phrase, don’t tell me – I want to stay in my blissful world of happy randomness.)

Anyway, later I was at a friend’s place and they were having some sort of tag sale (or yard sale, or garage sale, or whatever) and amongst the other offerings was an audio tape (look it up on Wikipedia, young ones) of the TMBG (the hip shorthand for the band’s name, I’ve since discovered) album Apollo 18, on sale for $1.00!

In terms of sheer use, this turned out to be the best $1.00 I ever spent.  It’s an earlier album than Flood and seems to be a bit rawer, but I’d say it’s even more of a favorite of mine.  The particular highlight for me, one somewhat off-color world notwithstanding, is I Palindrome I, which includes the unlikely lyric “Son I am able she said though you scare me watch said I beloved I said watch me scare you though said she able am I son.”

The album also includes a “song” called Fingertips, which is really 21 short, mini or incomplete songs all strung together more or less randomly.  This odd assortment is actually released as 21 separate tracks on the DVD of the song, which meant that whatever I saved on that audio cassette I paid for when I bought (albeit with free credit) for the digital download of the album.

One of those mini songs – the 13th one, in fact – has for its entire lyric the words in the meme reproduced above.  I’d link the song here but I wouldn’t want to violate anyone’s copyright (although, would it be considered copyright violation to share without permission 100% of someone’s 9 second song?)

Anyway, you can see, hopefully, why the picture struck me as funny as it did.  For the fan of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and They Might Be Giants, it’s downright hilarious.  But as I mentally scanned my list of friends, I couldn’t think of anyone who fit that category aside from myself.  So I throw this out to you, internet, to enjoy this if you can.

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