Superficial Birthday List for my 44th Year

As I wrote just previously, I have just celebrated my 44th birthday.  And as it’s my birthday, I’ve quickly come up a list of things that I want, I wish list, if you will.  And as I’ve stated before, this is a superficial list.  It’s not the important things, the things that I choose to live my life for.  They are simply the things that I’d like to have or see or do, in this next year of my life.  Last year, I could only claim success for less than 40% of the things on my list (although admittedly, I knew that some of them were pretty much impossible when I wrote them.

Let’s see if I can do any better this time around.

1. Community  saved

The comedy series, which I hadn’t seen a year ago, has become a favorite of mine.  I’ve only seen the first three seasons, but I was disappointed to learn of its recent cancellation.  So here I am hoping, like many others, that the show finds new life on an alternate venue than network TV.  #sixseasonsandamovie!

2. That Community Seasons 4 & 5 would become available on iTunes Australia cheaply and soon

When I discovered the show, I found I was able to buy the first three seasons off of iTunes for $15 each (SD). But currently, Season 4 is more than twice that prince in spite of being shorter, and the recent Season 5 isn’t up there at all yet.  I’m sure it all be there and less costly eventually, but I’d appreciate them sooner rather than later.

3. For Peter Capaldi to be excellent

The new Doctor Who made a good impression the closing seconds of Matt Smith’s final episode, but it’s hard to imagine anyone diverting my fondness for Smith.  Still, that’s what I thought about David Tennant a few years ago, but Steven Moffat and The Eleventh Hour proved me wrong.  Let’s hope Capaldi and his first episode this October can do the same.

4. More of Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor

It was an amazing treat seeing Paul McGann in the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor.  I know why we’re not likely to see a spin-off featuring McGann in the days leading up to the Time War.  I know why we can’t actually have two series featuring the Doctor adventuring around time and space in the Tardis.  And I know it’s just a fan-boy sort of thing, but I’d sure like to see more him.  A special, another mini-episode, a guest appearance – something like that.

5. And for the new season of Doctor Who to introduce a compelling new monster / villain

Steven Moffat came up with the Weeping Angels, back in Season 3, and the Silence, back in Season 6, and the one-offs but memorable Empty Child and Vashta Narada in other years.  He’s Season 7 creations – the Spoonheads, the Whisper Men – they didn’t take hold quite so strongly.  Time to get cracking!

6. The Flash to be great as this trailer makes it look like it’s going to be

7. And while we’re at it, for Gotham, the second season of Agents of SHIELD, and even the unlikely Agent Carter, to be great.

8. And hey, while we’re wishing, how about just a straight-up version of Batman on TV.

9. A holdover from last time:  for new volumes of Showcase Presents to be released for Supergirl, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, All-Star Squadron, and Batman & the Outsiders.

Because even in black and white, the story for money just can’t be beat.

10. And while we’re at it, a Showcase Presents on the 1980’s/1990’s Captain Atom by Cary Bates

I’d like to read it, and I’d like to read it cheap!

11. For me to finish my reviews of Star Trek:  The Next Generation

Originally, I had some crazy idea that I could do the whole series by the time the 25th anniversary of the show hit in September 2012.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.  Now it’s April, which means I’ve been at this for more than two years.  Two and a half seasons to go – I’d like to get it done.

12. For my wife to finish watching Falling Skies season 1 so we can go on with the show together

Actually, she’s watching the last episode of the season as I write this, so this one is a fairly sure bet, unless aliens actually attack in the next 15 minutes.

13.  For the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives volume #14 to be released

Keep them coming, DC!

14. To find a new comic I can enjoy reading with my children

We recently finished all the LSH archives, so Wish #18 would also fulfill this one.  I’m sure there’s something out there that would meet the criteria of imagination-gripping, exciting, and family friendly – I just have to find it.

15. For Sherlock Season 4 to come out in 2015

It’d be nice to not have to wait two years!

16. For an opportunity to see GI Joe Retaliation

I know, ridiculous, right?  But it’s the only item on my list of sequels and continuations from 2013 that I haven’t actually watched yet, and I’d like to cross that off.  I don’t expect to actually like it, so I don’t really want to spend any money on it, but so far it hasn’t been on any of the flights I’ve traveled on either.

17. For this new Netflix Daredevil series to be cool

Because contrary to all the evidence we have at our disposal, I’m sure that a live-action Daredevil could be cool.

18. At the same time, for the new Netflix Daredevil series to not take an “adults only” approach

You know, with sex and nudity and swearing.  Because then I probably won’t watch it.

19. For someone to make an awesome revival / reboot of Blake’s 7

Because then it’d be, you know, awesome.  And if ever a series was asking for a retooling with modern special effects and a finite story arc, it’s this one.  Currently, Syfy is apparently working on something.  That doesn’t necessarily bode well, but you never know.

20. Some whispers from the Tron camp

I don’t expect anything to come out this ever, but it’d be nice to see that the most under-used franchise is still alive and kicking.

21. Speaking of Tron, I’d also like to acquire and watch in its entirety Tron: Legacy.  

I saw a few episodes on the plane, and thought it was pretty cool.

22. Also, the last season of The Office

23. And those two Doctor Who stories they found, the Web of Fear and Enemy of the World. 

24. And The Red Hand Gang.

The Red Hand Gang was a live action Saturday morning mystery-adventure TV show that I saw when I was kid.  It only ran for about 12 episodes, but it told mystery stories over the course of 4 or 5 weeks each.  It starred Matthew Laborteaux (of Little House on the Prairie), and I’ve been curious to see it again, and see if my kids might like it.

25. And here’s hoping that X-Men Days of Future Past as all the promise (I’ll find out in a few days).

26. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy

27. And of course, Avengers 2.

28. But this whole idea of franchising out Spider-Man or the X-Men like the Avengers has done?  I’d like it to die.

Seriously, the idea of a Venom movie or a Gambit movie?  Completely unappealing

29. Speaking of Amazing Spider-Man 2, I’d like it to come to the drive-in or something

Since I’m not sure where or when I’m going to have a chance to see it any time soon otherwise.

30.  For a new, cool animated version of the Legion of Super-Heroes

Dawnstar and Karate Kid showed up recently in the more-for-a-younger-audience JLA Adventures:  Trapped in Time.  How about the whole Legion?  Let’s do it!

31. An animated version of Supergirl:  Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade.

Because done well, that would be amazing.

32. That I can get a vision and some scripts going for the next round of The Hanna Jo Stories

My children are getting older.  They won’t be into it forever.  It’s time to get cracking.

Hanna Jo

33. That I can also get some vision for the final volume of Captain Strong going

Because this year, it’s been twenty years since I started recording the 50-episode long project.  It’s probably time to bring it to a close.  I’m heading to the States soon, which means an opportunity to see series star Matt H, and thus to do this recording.  But No Scripts + Little Time = Unlikely that it’s going to happen.

34. For the Superman-Batman sequel / franchise break-out project-thing to get some good buzz going for it

Because right now, it sounds completely bonkers!

35. Another season of Foyle’s War

Along with Sherlock, one of the best mystery dramas going!

36.  I’d also like to see my progressive board game ides, Heroes Arise (along with my friend Rod), come together

Just another idea that’s out there.  I’d like to see if it would work.

37. Also, my online multiple point-of-view choose-your-own-adventure-game based on my 24 Minutes series.  

I’m about halfway through mapping it out.  But then there’s the actually writing, as well as the actually web-programming to do.

38. For my friend Josh to get going drawing our comic project Hapless Force

Other than stuff I doodled when I was a kid (as I have no particular talent as an artist), I have never really worked on a comic book project.  So perhaps it’s a bit ridiculous to think that the first one that I do is a 300+ page epic.  But that’s what I’ve gone ahead and set out to do.  I just need Josh to actually start drawing some pictures.  But instead he’s busy acting and directing community theater, and you know, generally living life.  So come on and draw, Josh, draw!

39. For Rich Morris to get at least one of his Doctor Who fan-comics going with some good momentum

A few years ago, his The Ten Doctors was a treat to see, sometimes several times in a week.  Since then, he’s done some other fan projects, regarding Doctor Who or something else.  Lately, he’s had both a fun Doctor Who-James Bond mash-up, and some sort of 50th anniversary Doctor Who celebration called The 23 Doctors.  But they’ve both been coming out really slowly.  I enjoy his work, it’d be nice to see it kick forward again.

40. For Mission: Impossible 5 to not be as bad as the previous installment

It doesn’t come out for a year and a half but I’m wishing now.  And in spite of strange reports to the contrary, and in spite of some same cool scenes, the last film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was terrible.  This was especially disappointing in the face of the successful Mission Impossible III.  Let’s hope the forthcoming Part V picks it up again.

41. That I can complete A Movie About Itself.

It’s well on it’s way, so this one should be possible.

42. Something to draw me back to monthly comics

The Legion of Super-Heroes is cancelled.  Francis Manapul is off of The Flash.  Astro City comes out in handy collected volumes.  Are they behind me forever?

43. The sequel to The Incredibles to gain traction and completely rock it

Because in spite of its imperfections, that movie was a lot of fun.  And it’s worth a sequel.  Again, like the Mission:  Impossible one a few notches up, this won’t be coming out before my next, but I’m putting it on my wishlist now.

44. To be good father and to consistently love my family and disciple my children in the way that they should go, and to be at peace with myself in all aspects of my walk with God.

OK, so not all superficial, I guess.

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