My Childish Birthday List (Last Year)

Today, I am 44.  Last year, I made a “wish list” of 43 things I’d like to have seen / received this past year.  Now that it’s my birthday again, I thought I’d make a new list, but first, I wanted to look back and see how things fared over this last year.  Did I get what I wanted?  Or was I disappointed?

Just to be clear, this was my completely superficial birthday list – none of the things that I’d really pick if I could, but more in keeping with the topics (movies, comics, TV, etc.) that I usually blog about.

For each item, I’ll mention whether I was SATISFIED or DISAPPOINTED.

1. For Matt Smith to change his mind and give it one more year

Well, we knew this wasn’t going to happen.  And it didn’t.  But I did enjoy the end of his era and all the emotions that that brought up – so I guess I wouldn’t have really wanted to miss out on that.  But anyway, strictly speaking, this was a DISAPPOINTED.

2. For Man of Steel to be awesome

Sadly, sadly very DISAPPOINTED.  You can read all my opinions and reasons here.  But though the movie wasn’t terrible by any means, and had some neat stuff in it, it was far from awesome.

3-5. For Paul McGann, Carole Ann Ford, and William Russell to make appearances this year in Doctor Who

William Russell and Carole Ann Ford both made cameos in An Adventure in Space and Time, and though that may have been nice for them, it didn’t add a whole lot for the fans to have these old favourite actors sort of hidden in unrecognizable roles.  So, sort of DISAPPOINTED x2 with them.

But Paul McGann, now that’s something else.  His surprise appearance in the minisode Night of the Doctor was one of many highlights of the series 50th Anniversary celebrations.  A definite SATISFIED

6. For a Special Super-Deluxe Edition of Les Miserables on DVD

Well, there is a DVD out, but as far as I know, there’s nothing that includes an 47 minutes of music that was missing from the movie, or anything like that.  So DISAPPOINTED

7. A better ending to the River Song story in Doctor Who

No, but there hasn’t been much opportunity either.  I had no problem that River’s absence from either the 50th Anniversary Special or the Christmas Special.  So officially it’s a DISAPPOINTED, but not a big deal.

8. For the DC Animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, to do really well

Actually, I have no idea.  I haven’t seen it, and I haven’t heard anything about it’s success.  At the same time, I have heard of other Justice League-focused releases, so that’s a good sign.  We’ll call it a SATISFIED.

9. For DC and Mark Waid to make up

Nope, although the guy is keeping busy, including new material on his website Thrillbent. DISAPPOINTED

10. The Forgotten Heroes

Wally West is back in some fashion, but nothing like what I was talking about.  DISAPPOINTED

11. For the whole “Silence will fall” thing to be completely explained

Pretty much.  SATISFIED

12. For the new “SHIELD” program to air in Australia in a timely manner and according to a convenient schedule

This was a strange one.  Since it aired on Channel 7 over here, it was easy to watch on their website, at first fairly close to the US air dates But at the same time, there were some strange aspects to the scheduling.  For whatever reason, they delayed showing the mid-season finale until after the season had resumed.  And there were other strange gaps as well.  In the end, I had almost given up on the series because of both the scheduling oddities and because the show wasn’t as good as we all hoped.  But in the end, I caught almost all of it, and amazingly, it wound up significantly better than it startedEVEN SPLIT

13. For “Star Trek” to come back to television


14-16. For Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #14, 15, & 16 to be released


17. Also, for more reprints of the 1980’s Legion of Super-Heroes…


18-19. And while we’re at it, for more volumes of existing Showcase Presents series to be released… Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Green Lantern, All-Star Squadron, and Batman & the Outsiders. Also the debut of a Captain Atom Showcase Presents, featuring the 1980’s series.

None of the ones mentioned, but Showcase Presents DC Comics Presents vol 2 did come out, so that was something.  One DISAPPOINTED and one SATISFIED

20. For the whole “zombie/vampire/witch” thing to stop trending

I haven’t really been watching, so actually I’m not sure.  I’m pretty sure it’s a DISAPPOINTED, though.

21. For the Star Wars saga to just be over

Not at all, but maybe it’s looking to be kind of fun.  So, DISAPPOINTED, but perhaps glad that I was.

22. For another Tron film, and for it to be amazing


23. For no new Legion of Super-Heroes comics for a while


24. To get George Perez’ autograph at Supanova this year

I got it!  Five of them (JLA/Avengers, Crisis on Infinite Earths, original New Teen Titans issue from The Judas Contract story) and my little autograph / sketch book.  SATISFIED

25-28. And while we’re at it, to somehow get Kurt Busiek’s, Jeff Smith’s, and Francis Manapul’s autographs as well.

None of those, although I did get Chris Claremont and Alex Saviuk (whom I had a nice chat with, so that was something.  We’ll call it a SATISFIED x2 and DISAPPOINTED x2

29-30. More books by Jasper Fforde

He might have come out with something, but none of the books that I am waiting for.  DISAPPOINTED x2.

31. For comics to stop depicting women in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable reading them, or awkward showing them to my kids.

DISAPPOINTED, but we new that, of course.

32. The same as above, but with regards to violence


33. For Peanut Butter flavored sweets to become commonplace in Australia

No peanut-butter Tim-Tams yet.  DISAPPOINTED

34-39. For Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 of Evil of the Daleks to be recovered

No, but instead we got the rest of The Enemy of the World and most of The Web of Fear.  I haven’t watched them yet, but let’s call it a SATISFIED x6.

40. For Community to become easily available for me to watch, legally and for free

It’s not free, but iTunes Australia had the first three seasons available for $15 each (SD).  SATISFIED

41. For the season premier of Sherlock to be both awesome and completely satisfying

Not completely satisfying, but close enough.  SATISFIED

42. For DC to start releasing older back issues of their comics digitally for their original cover price.


43. For Hanna Jo Episode 9, Hapless Force, and other projects I’m working on to come together

Hanna Jo Episode 9 is done and posted.  Hapless Force, not so much.  But in the meantime, A Movie About Itself is well under way, and I completed two mystery stories – Nine Motives and The Incident of Edmuss Rise.  We’ll call it an EVEN SPLIT.

Tally up the scores?


Looks like it was a disappointing year.  But somehow, it doesn’t feel that way.

This year’s list coming soon.

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