Coming home to my Family and the Legion of Super-Heroes

I just home from a month away from my family, mostly in Nepal, working on a film project for work and ministry.  It was a good time, but exciting of course to return to my wife and three daughters.

When I got home, I was greeted with this burst of creativity from my daughters.

Welcome Home

Fun, right?  I’ve been reading them Legion of Super-Heroes stories from the Archive editions for some time now, so they each crew me a Legionnaire as part of this message.

My youngest drew Superboy, sans cape…


My middle daughter drew Colossal Boy.  You can see where his arm was erased and changed.  At first, his arm came out very strange and long, prompting my wife (who is unfamiliar with these characters) to ask if it was meant to be some sort of super-stretchy guy.

Colossal Boy

But the funniest was the fact that my oldest drew Dream Girl.

Dream Girl

Dream Girl is apparently having a non-prophetic daydream about a forest fire.  But the funny part is that wife, who remember is not familiar with the Legion in any detail,  was wondering who in the world this “dream girl” of mine was, that my kids were drawing!  My wife is blond but her eyes are blue, and she interpreted the drawing’s eyes to be green (although I think they do in fact look blue), so it was a bit odd for her!

Some explanation required.


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